It’s a…

bouncing baby boy! Really, through the whole ultrasound he wouldn’t stop moving. He moves around all the time and I feel most of it now. Especially on my bladder… (I know, TMI) Everything was perfect; five fingers, five toes, right size. He kept putting his little hands up to his face, probably sucking his thumb, and wouldn’t turn over for the sonographer. We got some nice little pictures though:)

Everyone in our family is very excited and it’s so nice to know earlier than September. Kristopher told me before he went to school this morning that I didn’t need to go find out because it was a boy and he was right, so I can’t wait to tell him:) Taylor is glad too, at least she says she is…she may still not really understand.

I went through all the baby clothes we have last week and seperated the boy and girl stuff, so now I am very excited to get out the baby boy things and get them ready. I saw a lot of things that I had forgotten about that Kristopher wore and it will be so much fun to use them again. I guess I will wait to do much until we move though.

We are still working on finding an insurance company that we like for home insurance and we will probably switch our car insurance too, since the one we have our car through is not the best now that we have been shopping around! I think we will know by the end of the day who we are going with though and then we can notify the bank and proceed forward some more! We are getting really excited about the house. Just this weekend we were wishing that we could start packing boxes. But we held ourselves back, since we still have almost 2 weeks before the closing date and then we will have to clean.

We found out today that Kody is going to have to go to Dayton one of the weeks in June, for some more training. So, unfortunately he won’t be around for that week to help and the week before that he will be covering someone else’s vacation. Hopefully we will close on time and then be able to get moving on the cleaning and repairs before that happens. I’m really obsessing about the living room and kitchen…that’s where I want to start (after the cleaning of the whole house). I spend most of my time in those two rooms and I would like to have lovely colors and good floors to look at while I’m in there. Plus when people come by those are often the rooms they see. For right now we are enjoying dreaming:)

Next up, maybe later today if I get time, there will be a post with pictures of what we’ve been up to for the last several months. Enjoy your day everyone!

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