The last four months

Most of this will be pictures, but I will try to write a little. I can’t even remember all that we have done for the last 4 and a half months and I haven’t been doing a very good job of taking pictures this year, so there isn’t much that I guess I can talk about! You already know the big things (baby and house), so here are a few “catch-up” items.

In January we celebrated Kody and Kristopher’s birthday. I was very sick the whole week of their birthday, so I didn’t make a big deal of the actual day. On the Saturday following, Kristopher got to take 2 friends to see The VeggieTales Pirate movie at the theatre and then we picked up some pizza on the way home. He wanted a knight themed party, so I made his cake and we bought a coloring castle that was fun. Unfortunately Taylor wanted to demolish it and it didn’t last much longer than a day! I think Kristopher and his friends had fun, and by then I was feeling better, so I enjoyed the movie. They did make us sit in the very front row though, which is not the best place to sit. Here are pictures of the cake and castle – I haven’t been taking great pictures this year, even when I do remember to take them, so excuse the camera skills.

Here is Easter in Pictures:

Holy Treasure Hunt at church

Easter Egg Hunt at Grammie and Grandaddy’s House

We lost our cat, Winnie, a couple of weeks ago. She just disappeared, so we don’t know if she left or died or was killed. We haven’t found a body anywhere, so who knows. The kids were a little upset, but seem to be okay and don’t ask about her. Kristopher still talks about our last cat, who he probably let out of the house (really my cat, I’d had him for 10 years when he left), but he seems to be okay with this so far. Winnie was mostly outside and she had never wandered off before, so that seems unlikely. We aren’t expecting her to return…Here are some pictures of her pretty recently. She was a good outside cat and seemed to stay out of trouble out there. She caught lots of mice for us too:) Right before she disappeared a Tom Cat started hanging around (Winnie was spayed though) and I don’t know if that had something to do with the disappearance.

And those are all the pictures I have uploaded. Kristopher has been playing soccer as I know I have mentioned, but I have forgotten the camera at most of the games and at the others I didn’t take any pictures worth posting. Our banquet is this Friday night and then the last game is on Saturday. Kristopher is more dissapointed that it is ending than I thought he would be. I really hope I can figure out a way for him to play in the fall.

Still no further news about the house. I hope that I am doing everything right and that we close by the 24th. I have not been actively doing aything with the bank or anyone else the last couple of days and it feels weird not to be on the phone or in someone’s office, so hopefully I’m not supposed to be somewhere! I’m sure they’d tell me, so for now we are waiting…

Have a great day! I have to go open some yogurt now…Taylor is hungry…again. She has been eating a lot lately, maybe she’s going to grow taller:)

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