School’s Out!

Yesterday was Kristopher’s last day of Kindergarten! It was a great first year of school for him and for me too:) I’m glad summer break is here. We have lots of fun things planned, although I think Kristopher’s plans include lots of Mario… Wednesday the school had an awards ceremony for Kindergarten-Fourth grades and we went not knowing if Kristopher would get anything or not. He got a Reading award and one from the Computer Lab. After the Kindergarten was over Taylor and I went outside the doors and watched from the side while they announced the first grade awards, not expecting anything else. Then the specials teachers gave some awards (Music, Art, Library) and Kristopher was the boy selected from his class for the Music award! I was very surprised. I knew that he enjoyed going to music, but I didn’t realize that he liked it that much or was doing the “best”! He was very excited to get three and we are very excited for him. He is doing so well in everything. It was nice that every K/1 child got some kind of award too, and many got several. Then yesterday was a big day of fun for all the kids. There were games and activities outside all morning and part of the afternoon. Taylor and I didn’t go, since I’ve been so tired lately. I didn’t think I could handle being outside for several hours and chasing her while trying to watch Kristopher and have fun. But he had fun and was sunburned when I went to pick him up. His face had been painted with a little rabbit sometime in the morning and when we washed it off he had an outline where he was sunburned around it. I wish I had thought to put sunscreen on him in the morning, so it wouldn’t have been as bad.

Our house was supposed to close this week (today actually), but now it is postponed for about a week and a half. The bank isn’t finished with the loan stuff and the closing agent is going on vacation today for a week, so we just have to wait until she gets back. We should close on June 3 or 4, for anyone who cares to know.

Taylor has been potty training now for a couple of weeks and for the most part it seems like she has it down. She has been going most of the time, with only a few accidents. Yesterday was a hard day for her, for some reason, but she still made it some of the time. I’m so glad that I won’t have two in diapers…I was really worried until this week that I would in September!

I don’t have much else this morning. I can’t do pictures right now, because our monitor is broken and has to be sent back and stuff isn’t hooked up so that I can get pictures off the camera right now. Maybe soon we will hook up a different monitor so I can get them and put some on here. Hope you all have a good day!

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