Before and After

No, I don’t actually have any before and after pictures today, but I was reading BooMama’s blog a few minutes ago and she is doing a before and After thing. This is perfect for me, even though we were already going to do the fixing up. Now I will have a reason to do it in a timely manner and actually post about it so everybody can see!

For those of you who don’t read here and are just visiting from BooMama’s, we just bought a house 2 weeks ago and it is in need of a lot of inside work. We have been cleaning and ripping out carpet and getting it ready for the actual work. We are planning to actually start living in the house on July 5 (or maybe sooner if we have a mattress to sleep on over there), so it would be nice if some of the rooms were done by then. I’m sure we’ll be working on many of the things long after we have moved though.

My list of immediate goals:
Replace the Kitchen Floor
Paint as many rooms as I can find people to paint! (I would love to just dive in myself, but I am pregnant right now, so am not supposed to)
Replace some of the light fixtures with ones that work
Plant more things outside
Order curtains and hang for the living room
Actually get moved in and settled before the baby is born!

There are millions of other things to do, but that is my personal list. Kody is working on the other things that I cannot do and hopefully he will have a little help from people who know what they are doing!

So, here is the button if you want to see what some others goals are or participate yourself. I can’t wait to see some finished things!


BTW – I am planning to post rooms as I get them done, so the pictures may not all be in the post on July 25:) Have a blessed day everyone!

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