Klothes for Kameron & the Zoo

So, I told you that I was going to put the things I’d knit for Kameron on here, but I forgot and then got busy and took forever! I have finished 2 sweaters, 2 pair of booties, 1 hat and 2 blankets. I still want to make him some pants (knit and sewn ones) and maybe a onepiece outfit. I just love sweater outfits on babies! Here are the things I have done so far:

06-06-08 Baby Henley06-06-08 Chunky Baby Jacket05-10-08 Stay on Booties (1)05-16-08 Booties (2)05-05-08 Boy hat (1)04-19-08 Pinwheel blanket (1)I also went through my boy things from Kristopher and was pretty upset. Apparently I gave more of my baby clothes to my sister for her son than I thought. I only had about 4 items in each baby size. So, Tiffany, if you are reading this and still have any of my baby outfits please send them! I did go ahead and purchase several lots of baby boy clothes on ebay (for pretty cheap!) so I think I am doing pretty well with the 0-6 month stuff now. I just really liked some of Kristopher’s outfits and was expecting to find them in the box and they were gone. I have plenty of 2T-4T clothes for a boy, but all my small stuff was gone:( I also found that I kept all my sheets and blankets (which I thought I didn’t), so I don’t need any of those for a crib…only thing is we may not use a crib this time around. But we have blankets a plenty for baby:) It will be fun to out all the baby things away where they go after moving.

We are still cleaning and fixing for now. Hopefully I am going to talk to a painter today to see how much that might be for the house. We are planning to move in July 5/6th and then anything else we need to do can be finished while we are there. We’re ready to be in our house!

Vacation Bible School starts for me tonight. My co-teacher and I spent yesterday setting up and decorating our room. I think it looks great! We are teaching the 3 year old class. Hopefully I will be able to remember to take pictures this afternoon before the kids get there so you all can see. I am really excited about some of the things we have planned. I hope that I can do a good job of teaching and that all the kids who come will have fun. Taylor will be in my class which has been hard lately (she’s very clingy), but I think with everything going on and some friends she might be okay.

Hopefully VBS will be a good distraction for the kids and I. Kody is away for training again this week and the kids have already been a little upset that he is gone. I guess Kristopher didn’t believe that he was going to be gone that long and last night Taylor woke up, like she always does and I went to get her from her bed. She was crying and said she wanted Daddy…which was not possible. They’ll be okay and hopefully be too busy to think about it much! Kody if you read this – We miss you and LOVE you!

Thursday was my 27th birthday! Our church takes a trip for children k-6th grade every Thursday in the summer and last Thusday was to the Nashville Zoo, so we went. It was a perfect day. Taylor was not her usual self at all and had a lot of fun too! Kristopher went with the other group, so I’m not sure what he did, but I didn’t have to hear him ask about games all day which made it nice for me;)

06-19-08 Kids in Bamboo (1)06-19-08 Kristopher & Caleb06-19-08 Taylor & Allison06-19-08 Meerkats (2)06-19-08 Giraffes (2)We aren’t going on all the trips, but there are a couple that we will. Kristopher went on one the week before to play Jungle Golf and eat at Mr. Gatti’s. He seemed to like that – especially since I’m not a huge Mr. Gatti’s fan myself!

I hope that you all have a great day!

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