Tearing Things Up

Well, we didn’t move this weekend as planned. We did (and by we I mean Kody and his Dad) tear up the kitchen and get a few other things done so that the house would be in better condition before moving. We also ordered our kitchen floor on Friday, so as soon as it gets here it can be put in.

The first project was putting in a new front door. The old one was wooden and ugly and someone had painted it red, which we didn’t like. Plus when we tried to put our new locks on it, they wouldn’t fit, so we just bought a new one. We put the old storm door back on since nothing is wrong with it.

After that Kody dug a hole and put in our huge mailbox! So now we can get mail even if we aren’t there:) I think the post looks great – it was Kody’s idea to do it like that.


Then they moved inside to the kitchen. The floor that was there had been vinyl with 2 layers of plywood (3/4 inch thick) under it. We decided that we didn’t want to keep that plywood for many reasons. First it made the kitchen floor a lot higher than the living room and hallway next to it. It also smelled terrible, so it needed to come out. In order to do it right all the cabinets had to be taken out of the kitchen since they too were on top of the plywood and flooring. We ordered laminate tile from Lowe’s, which you can see here. They are having a 20% sale on all special order flooring through Monday, so we took advantage of that and our total came out to $50 less than we had to spend on the floor! It is a textured floor and will be going into the kitchen and sunroom.

Anyway, most of the cabinets were out by Friday night when we came home and the floor under the refrigerator had been torn up to see what the damage was. By the time Taylor and I made it out to the house on Saturday the subfloor was repaired and the plywood was totally off the preparation side of the kitchen, so the cabinets could be moved back! We are not putting the cabinets on top of laminate, so they are already bolted back down. The dining side still needs to have the plywood removed – it is hard work, I even pulled up a little (using a flat bar and hammer).

The kitchen is well on it’s way to actually becoming what we want though, so we are excited! The walls will still need to be painted and the cabinets really need some touching up too. The fan in the pictures doesn’t work and we have a new light fixture to replace it with as soon as we get around to it and a new flourescent light fixture to go over the sink.

Then they moved into the room we are going to use as our offices. This room had one electrical outlet which was placed higher than we wanted. That just won’t do for a room with lots of computers and sewing machine! So they started making holes for more outlets and then went beneath to thread some wires through. Here are the first 2 ready:


After that, Kody and I spent a little time cleaning up the huge mess that had been made all over. We swept up and got rid of some trash. I went into the laundry room/closet and took everything off the shelves and cleaned and organized and put our things up there. The last people to live in the house left all kinds of things behind*, most of the cleaning things I don’t really want though. The shelves look much neater and now I can find things when I want to clean.

I’m a little sad that we didn’t move yesterday, but at the same time maybe it’s better if we get more of the things done before we live there. Our phone and internet still hasn’t been switched, but is supposed to be any day. I still need to contact a couple more places to get other services set up, so this will give me the time to do that before being there. And to be truthful, we still aren’t finished packing our things…so this will be fine.

I went to the doctor on Wednesday and everything was perfect with baby Kameron. I did the glucose and iron tests and they were normal. His heartbeat was great and my blood pressure was perfect. I scheduled my c-section, so unless he comes a few days early like the other two have, he will be here September 17 – very early in the morning! Unfortunately that makes it so that I will be going home either the day before or the day of Taylor’s birthday. That was the earliest date they would let me pick though and the doctor that I wanted was there that day. For anyone who is interested in seeing it or if you need any ideas or even want to get us anything, I have added our baby registry link to the sidebar. It is at amazon, but most of the items can be found other places if you prefer to shop somewhere else! Even though we have had two babies, we still don’t have have all the things we need.

I have to go get ready for church now! Hope you all had a Happy Independence Day and have a wonderful day today:)

*There were gas cans, an air conditioning unit, boat motor, weed eater cord, and canned food left in the garage. Upstairs they left an old sewing desk (the kind your machine fits into) and a nice looking chair (that would need to be re-upholstered). And there is a clue game and lots of cleaning supplies: chemicals, brooms, mops, dusting things all over the house. We have already used some of the things and some of them are headed for the trash pile.

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