fresh from the farm

We have been getting half a share of food from Beans to Blossoms in Murray for the last two summers. It’s so nice to have fresh organic produce every week and not have to do much to get it! Next year we will probably have to grow our own, since we’ll be farther away from them and we’ll have the room on our own land, but for these two summers it’s been great!

So, each week we go and pick up our bags or boxes of food and it tastes so much better than store bought. This week we got corn, summer squash, zucchini, tomatoes, green beans, garlic, eggs and blackberries. In the spring we got lots of different lettuce and greens and broccoli and onions, but those are over for now. So, we are going to have a vegetable dinner tonight – my favorite in the summer. I am making green beans with cabbage (also from Beans to Blossoms), Stewed and fresh tomatoes, corn on the cob, sauteed mushrooms and possibly some potatoes or squash:) I just love veggies! Anyway, the green beans were so pretty after I snapped them this morning, so here is a picture.

07-10-08 Green Beans

I also made some zucchini banana bread this morning. I don’t eat the zucchini any other way, but bread is so good. I use the recipe that my mom did only I add slightly less zucchini and throw a banana and 1/2 cup more flower in. I really like adding the banana to it. If anyone wants the recipe just ask!

07-10-08 Zuchinni Banana Bread

I’m probably going to freeze some of the squash if I can figure out how to not ruin it. I boiled eggs too so that I could make egg salad today, but I haven’t had time with all the packing we’ve been doing.

They finished getting the floor out of the kitchen on Sunday and then on Tuesday (Monday is my in town day) I cleaned it up and took these pictures. I can’t wait until the floor gets here! We are going to be moving any day now – REALLY! Our phone is going to be switched over on Tuesday, so we’ll have to be there around that time. We would go crazy without the phone and internet! Kody has been off the last two days and we have been trying to get more done over there and today have been packing lots.

07-08-08 Dining07-08-08 Kitchen (2)07-08-08 Kitchen (1)Here’s a picture taken last weekend while we were working at the house. Taylor was so tired that she slept laying across two camping chairs while everybody was hammering and banging around right there. I thought she was very cute, but forgot to take the picture until she rolled over and was waking up.

07-04-08 Taylor Sleeping while hammering was going on!

I hope you are all having a great week – time for me to get back to packing and get over to the house!

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