Monkeys on the Brain

Lately I’ve wanted everything to do with monkeys…I don’t know why. A lot of the clothes that I got from ebay for Kameron have monkeys on them, even a cute little pair of shoes. I also added a few things to the baby registry with monkeys: This cute rug, and this blanket and little pillow. They are adorable!

I also just finished (about 10 minutes ago) a pair of Monkey socks. They don’t actually have monkeys on them, but the name of the pattern is Monkey and it is a free pattern from Knitty a few issues ago. I think I’m about the last knitter to make these socks, but now that I have I don’t know why I waited. They are super easy and very comfortable! I love the pattern and the yarn that I used, which is Rio de la Plata sock yarn in the Periwinkle Lime colorway. I purchased it at the Loopy Ewe and they are out of this color right now, but have lots of others. Purchasing this yarn helps women in Uruguay to stay home with their families while making money to help support them:)

There has been some more progress on the house…mostly small things. I need to take some more pictures the next time I’m out there and then I’ll share. I bought some paint yesterday and the rest of the curtains for the living room. It is starting to look like a place to live, even though it isn’t finished:) It will be fine for a few months anyway! I just can’t wait to get moved now. I’m getting really frustrated with the way things are right now – having to drive back and forth and feeling like nothing is being accomplished because we aren’t there enough. But that will all end soon, because we’ll be there!

Have a great day everybody!

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