A Week that Wasn’t Fun but Really Was…

So, our electricity and phone went out sometime between 2 and 4 am on Wednesday morning because of the big ice storm that passed through KY. We stayed at home because our gas fireplace still provided enough heat for the rooms we left open. We closed off the upstairs and office and bathrooms so we could turn it off for a few hours at a time. Since we are on a well that is shared with thr church next door and two other families we were out of water pretty much as soon as we woke up the next morning. Kody had the good sense Tuesday evening to fill up a few pitchers with water so we had some for drinking and washing hands if really needed. The kids and I stayed in the house without leaving until Saturday without running water or electricity. Kody ventured out each day to try to work and found some some days and not others. On Friday night Kody’s parents got their power back so we headed over there on Saturday morning to take showers and stay until ours came back. Sunday I went to walmart to get diapers and then came home to check on things. We had electricity back, but no phone lines yet. We helped clean up some of Kody’s parents yard and stayed there for dinner and then decided to come home Sunday night anyway and around noon yesterday the phones came on. So things at our house are back to normal, except for the huge lack of food inthe freezer and refrigerator (we’re eating out of the cabinets though – so we’re fine) and the fact that Kristopher is home and not at school (which really isn’t bothering me since we’re planning to homeschool next year anyway.) We didn’t lose any limbs or have any damage to our property (praise God!!) I’m praying for all who have been affected by this storm and wishing that I could be out helping others get meals or clearing roads and yards or something, but with Kameron I can’t figure out what I could actually help with. If it was just the big kids I’d drag them out to help too, but with a baby I just don’t think I’d be much help anywhere.

While we were here I had plenty of time to think without any media to look at or listen to so I made a list of things that I missed and things I actually enjoyed about the week. I wanted to share so here it is:

Things I missed this week: Running water (hot or even cold would have been preferable to none!); A working stove to cook on; A working washing machine (though water alone would have been helpful); A way to find out if family and friends were okay (from our house kody’s cell didn’t work and our line didn’t work either)

Things I enjoyed this week: Not being in a hurry – I didn’t know what time it was or even what day at some points and I knew that there was no where to be; Having a gas fireplace; Having large windows to let in lots of light during the day; Time to knit and read my bible and not having to do some of my other daily jobs (though I was glad to do them when the electricity came back on); Having my family all in the same room much of the time; Playing together as a family; Staying at my in laws for a night and having some fun family time there (we don’t visit enough anymore)

I really didn’t miss the computer and internet, persay; what I missed was connecting with people. I missed being able to talk to anyone outside my home for 4 days. I know my list of things I missed is really short, but it is truthful. I thought a lot about what’s really important while I couldn’t do anything else and I was able to lok at the big picture and remember that so much that I cram into my days is not what’s important. It was a hard week in some respects (and I feel terrible for all those who have really suffered as a result of this week), but for me it was also a blessing. I enjoyed what I learned about myself this week and I hope I don’t forget those things any time soon!

*If anyone who reads this is in need of anything, please tell me! I live to serve!!

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