Both Taylor and Kristopher are playing soccer this spring season. As many of you know I’ve been dreaming of being a “soccer mom” for several years and it has been so much fun for me to be at all the games and practices. I don’t have the minivan yet, but I’m enjoying it nonetheless!

When we asked Kristopher if he wanted to play this season after taking a break last fall, he was kind of hesitant, but did say yes, so we signed him up. He has played since he was 4 with the exception of last fall (I didn’t want to try to figure out how he would get there while I wasn’t allowed to drive or carry anything). This is the age when the coaches start actually teaching the positions and they use a goalie and referees. Kristopher has decided that he doesn’t like it anymore and doesn’t want to play anymore. We aren’t going to let him quit – he will finish the season, but now we have to try to find him something he does like. This is sad for me…

Taylor had a slow start. She didn’t get a coach that seems like she wants to be there, so we didn’t have as many practices as the other teams prior to games starting. The first game Kristopher had to go out and run along beside her so that she would play. Then last Saturday (the second game) she was ready to play when we arrived. She ran right out when she was called and ran all over the field taking the ball and kicking it. She scored 2 goals and had so much fun! Her team has 2 girls and 5 boys I think. So far the girls are the only ones making the goals;) The other little girl’s sister is on a traveling team so she has someone to watch and practice with. I’m not sure how she’ll feel in the future, but for right now she wants to play and loves getting out there. I didn’t envision this being her thing. I have thought that she would dance or do gymnastics like I did as a little girl (and that my boys would be the soccer players), but this will be just fine:)

As we prepare to homeschool next year I really want to have some type of sport or physical activity for Kristopher to be involved in. I think that it’s important to have something like that other than just “playing outside.”

I took some spring pictures yesterday and had considerable difficulty getting all the kids to look at me and smile and so forth, but here are a couple with all my little soccer players:) Even if they don’t play on a team, we still have fun kicking the ball around here and playing family games! Hope you enjoy them! (more on Facebook) (I can’t really figure out what I’m doing with this new gallery thing on WP so imagine that the soccer picture from Taylor’s first game is up there with the part about soccer. The other pics are from the “photo shoot” that we did yesterday!)

*I know it’s been almost 8 months since I last wrote. I’m not going to make any statements about trying to do better – yada yada…I’m also not going to do any catch up posts. If I decide to write, I hope you’ll read:) If I don’t I’m not going to feel bad about it!

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