NA Miss

I got a surprise when I went to the mailbox this morning. I had an envelope from National American Miss. The letter said I had been referred to them, so I am wondering if I really was or if they just send out letters to parents of girls. Taylor won’t actually be old enough this year to compete. The youngest they take is 4 by Jan 1 and she won’t be 4 until September.

As I looked at the information I had mixed feelings. On one side pageants are an excellent way to help your daughters attain skills they might not otherwise have. They are also ways to meet other young women and get scholarships for the future. However sometimes the wrong things are sought after too and I wouldn’t want that for my daughter. I have never been a pageant type person, but I could see myself going even just to one to try it out. I’m not sure that Taylor would have what they want, but it might be fun to try… Anyway, just wanted to share my thoughts on this. I guess we have a year to think about it! One thing I did like was the fact that they do not ALLOW the girls to wear makeup. I have no issues with makeup, but I would not put any on a four year old even for a pageant. They want the girls to be girls and that is good!

Hope everyone is having a HAPPY SATURDAY! It’s rainy and yucky here and soccer was canceled for the day, so we don’t have much left to do other than relax:)

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