Random Wednesday

1. I have completed day 9 of the 30 day shred…thinking about moving on to level 2 either tomorrow or Friday:) I hear it just about kills you all over again when you switch levels, so please be thinking of me!

2. Yesterday I planted some Hostas that I got from Beans to Blossoms. I love Beans to Blossoms! It is a local farm that until this year was doing the co-op that we were a part of. We paid so much at the beginning and middle of the year and they grew the food and we picked some up every week. This year they have decided to concentrate on their on site store and the farmer’s market which I understand and appreciate. I went out last week to buy some mesclun, spinach and radishes and perused the plants. They have so many beautiful ones – so please, if you haven’t bought yours yet, support your local growers!! I am planning to go back for some vegetable plants soon too. We still need to figure out where we’re going to put our few things that we want to grow ourselves this year. I also planted some marigolds. Those are one of my favorite “outside flowers”. I don’t know why I think of them like that, but I do!

(I am not a master gardener or anything;) so I know that my flower beds don’t look all pretty like some people’s. I would have liked for someone who knows what they are doing to come help me, but alas they did not, so my work will have to do!)

3. Bugmaster’s came out this morning and checked for termites and sprayed around the outside of the house. I thought that usually when your house was sprayed for bugs it smelled really bad, but it isn’t bother us so far. Maybe it’s another kind of bug spray that smells… Before we bought the house an annual contract was set up with them. I’m glad because that is one less thing for me to figure out.

4. Left on the day’s agenda is taking Kristopher to another dentist for a second opinion on his tooth. He hurt it when he was 2 (falling into a door frame because he was running in the hallway and not looking) and it never came in right. Our normal dentist told us that his baby tooth had fallen out and that now his permanent tooth was coming in. This cannot be true because he or I would have noticed his baby tooth falling out and it hasn’t and the tooth is dissapearing back into the gums instead of growing in…so hopefully this dentist will figure out what is really going on there. I just hope it isn’t going to be something painful for Kristopher – he is pretty wimpy with pain, needles, blood, etc., as in he gets hysterical. Please pray for him if you think about it! (and pray for his mama;))

5. I still have to clean up the office too and then go to Church tonight for Women’s worship. I am hoping that Kody will go too for Baptist Men’s night. Maybe he’ll get home early tonight! Hope you all have a great rest of the day!

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