Phone calls

I want to start out saying that I hope I don’t offend anyone with this post and if I do I’m sorry. I have been told in the past that I sometimes come off a little rough when I say some things. However I just feel the need to vent about this certain subject right now, so here goes…

I just received a phone call from an organization trying to raise money to send 800 children with cancer and their entire family on a “last” vacation. This is 800 of the 120,000 children who will be diagnosed with cancer this year; 40,000 of those will not survive the year. Now, I feel terrible for the families and for the children having to endure these battles. I pray for them and I hope for a cure or at the very least salvation and comfort from Jesus while they go through this. But, I think that raising money to send them on vacation is slightly ridiculous. First of all, I doubt very seriously that that is the first thing on any of their minds and while a fun vacation might press things to the back for a minute – IT’S STILL HAPPENING! Second, why aren’t these people raising money for something that might actually help the kids or their parents with what’s going on in real life? Thirdly, we don’t even have money to take our own kids on a vacation (they’ve NEVER been on one) and some weeks we struggle with getting our bills paid. If I was going to try to find some money to do anything regarding a vacation I would first try to take my own family on one – however small it might end up – because NO ONE’s life is certain. God might bless some of these families with the children battling cancer and they could live. Someone in my own family might die tomorrow and they’ve never gotten to do anything like what this organization is asking 5 person families on a low income to try to accomplish. I do make donations to things I believe in and I pray and I help with as much in my community as I can give my time to, but I will not help with something that I feel is not necessary.

I just think if you are going to have an organization that claims to be for helping people that you find some way to actually help them. Sending 800 of 120,000 on a fancy vacation so they can forget about what’s going on for a week seems really silly. If I were in the situation and someone offered me money to help find a cure or money to help pay my child’s bills or someway that my child could stay at home while having treatments done, I would feel blessed and thankful – being offered a vacation (or a chance to win one or whatever they’re doing) would seem like a painful jab.


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