One of the few things I’ll miss…

…about public school, is the awards ceremony at the end of the year.

Yesterday, we all went to the awards ceremony at Kristopher’s school, not knowing if he would get anything. Kody was off and it was nice to all be there:) I think Kristopher was surprised to see him too! I really liked getting awards when I was little and I know Kristopher works hard and deserves the ones he has gotten and enjoys them too. I know I can give my own awards next year, but it just won’t be the same as an only student… Anyway, he got several awards from his teacher:

Sight Word Champion – for Excellent work Learning Sight Words
Math Fact Award – for Excellent work on Math Facts
Reading – for outstanding achievement in reading
Language Arts – for outstanding achievement in Spelling, Phonics & Writing

He also got a special award from the librarian, Mrs. Gore, that only 2 first graders recieved: The Captain’s Award – in recognition of outstanding performance in reading and contribution to the Library Lagoon for the 2008-2009 school year

One fun thing isn’t enough to keep him in public school, but it sure was hard sitting there, watching how excited he was to get something and knowing that that won’t be happening next year. This week I’ve been really looking at some curriculum and trying to decide what I want to teach next year. I’m having so much trouble choosing because so many look good. I just don’t want to purchase something that I will end up not liking, or that Kristopher won’t like. So, that’s where we are on school for now:)

The big kids have been really wanting an outdoor playset, as have I. We’re going to have to get something this year. If anyone has any suggestions on a nice set that will last forever, please tell me! They beg constantly to go somewhere that has swings and slides and things to climb on and I would really love to just let them run outside and be there! They do find things to do outside, but this would be extra fun and nice especially when we aren’t playing at the school everyweek like we do now. Anyway, I hope we can actually do this this year. I am pretty sure I know where I want to put such a thing now!

We need several things right now, it seems like. We bought a refrigerator early this week, which isn’t here yet, but we are very excited about. If you will recall this post you will remember that we had to replace a large chunk of the subfloor under the refrigerator before we moved in. We kept the same fridge and thought we had the leak under control, but found this week that our brand new floor has a spot that is soaked through and already needs to be replaced again. So since lowe’s had some good ones on sale we just bought a new one that will not leak! It was supposed to be in on Wednesday, but we haven’t heard from them yet about the delivery time. Hoping it’s today! We’ve also been looking at some bunk beds pretty seriously. Kameron will share the room with Kristopher once he’s big enough (not a year or 2 still) and the room really would be nicer with bunk beds. We’re wanting to get them now so that Taylor can go ahead and have a big girl bed too. She is not wanting to sleep in the toddler bed anymore and says that she likes big beds, not small ones. She really just needs a new bed too, so that her furniture will match, but she may have to use the one Kristopher has been using until we can afford a nice white one. I’d really like to get her a daybed actually…kind of like this one if possible!
Anyway, just a little of me dreaming;)

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