The working out…

…hasn’t been working out. I wanted to post an update on the 30 day shred that I’ve been doing. It has been well over 30 days now, but I decided to keep on doing the video because it makes me feel better I still need to lose more and stay in shape:) I kind of took a break though. I took the last 9 days off, so I decided to start with level 1 again today. The last time I did it I did level 3 and it was so hard that I don’t even think I want to try level three again…EVER. So I decided this morning that I had to start back and that I would do level one for a few days and then go back to level two which I actually like the best of the three.

I started out weighing 132 at the end of April and today when I weighed I was 125. I also started out as a 6-8 and am now down to a 4-6 (depending on the brand of course!) I feel so much better and hope that I am a little easier on the eyes as well;) It will be nice to lose a few more pounds. I know I won’t get back to the size and shape I was in highschool (although I can dream!) because, hello, I’ve had three children and I was pretty near anorexic back then. Anyway, somewhere between 100 and 115 is my goal. I know some of you reading this are thinking I must be crazy telling my weight, but honestly who cares? Why is that such a big deal that needs to be kept secret? Kind of like age…I just don’t get it. I’ll be 28 on Friday and I am excited! I don’t care who knows – and it doesn’t upset me that that is close to the big 3-0, like it does some people…you know who you are! Perhaps that’s because I’ve always wished I was older than I am, even still. Maybe when I finally get older I’ll think differently, but for now it’s not bothering me:) Sorry, just got off on something there for a minute!

I’m hoping before the end of summer to have reached my goal weight or at the very least be very close. It took a month and a half to lose the first 7, but I’m hoping that now that I’m back on track that I will work out every day and lose the other 10 in about the same amount of time. Anyone else trying to lose or get in shape this summer? What are you doing or finding works for you? Any suggestions for me, short of starving myself? I’m just not doing the starve yourself diet. I eat healthily and see no need for that. If you excercise and eat RIGHT you shouldn’t need to do that.

Have a lovely day, everyone!

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