Random Wenesday

1. The thunder here this morning has been so loud and close that it has been shaking the house. Interestingly I am the only one who woke up.

2. I am thinking about writing a post about my favorite kitchen utensils later in the week. I have actually been thinking about doing that for a year, but haven’t gotten around to it. Kitchen utensils are fun:) Would that be totally boring to you/does anyone actually read my blog anyway?

3. After 8 1/2 months of no knitting (except for two small pairs of booties) I seem to have gotten my knitting mojo back, at least for a little while. I have been working on finishing my vest that I started right before Kameron was born. I knit the back and two fronts and then abandoned it. Sunday I got it back out and the pockets, seaming and neckband are now done. Now I just have to finish the edging and buttons and it will be ready for winter wear. I will post a picture sometime, maybe not until it’s finished though. I also finally wove the ends in on the scarf that I knit for Taylor and it needs to be blocked so she can wear it this coming winter.

4. The things that inspired me to start knitting again were 1)going through my yarn and half completed projects and finding some to get rid of and 2)Seeing the girasole kal at The Loopy Ewe. I think that shawl is beautiful and would love to be in on it. However I am being too cheap right this second to purchase the pattern. I also found too many things that need finishing. But that shawl makes me want to knit again, so I guess that’s good enough for now! I also decided to start a scarf with some beautiful blue malabrigo. Don’t know yet who it’s destined for, but it is a pattern of my own devising:)

5. I’ve been trying to cull old magazines and in doing so I have torn out more pages with ideas, things i I think I want, recipes, etc. I have always done this with the intent of putting them in a binder so they are easy to find. I tried to seperate some last week. So now I have a “catalog” of things I want, a folder with ideas (crafty and otherwise), and the recipes are sitting on a binder that was intended to be my “magazine cookbook”. I am hoping to work on that soon. I have so many homeless recipes.

6. VBS at our church starts Monday evening. I decided to take on the three year olds again this year instead of moving up with Taylor’s class. I have been reading the book and getting excited! I am hoping to work on getting a few things ready tonight, but set up is Sunday. Please pray for me as a teacher and for all the children I will encounter and teach next week:)

7. Saturday I have plans to be on the square during the farmer’s market selling my handmade goods. If you’re around or interested in buying anything, please come see us! We were supposed to be there last week, but Kameron ended up with a fever and cough all weekend. He is better now with just a little cough left. Hopefully nothing will stop us from being there this weekend because I really need to get some of this stuff sold! :-)

I think that’s all the random stuff I can come up with this morning! Hope you all have a lovely day!

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  1. allison says:

    sorry about not being exact about the Saturday market thing……we will get it together and have something set up before the end of August!

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