Income or lack there of

Lately I’ve been really wishing that I had some sort of an income to help our finances and as a little bit of a safety net for our family. Kody has gotten a new job which he will start at the beginning of October and while it is a step in the right direction embarking on something new is always a little scary when it comes to the money. Especially with 4 people depending on you. (and even if Kody isn’t scared about that, I am!) I know that the Lord will provide what our family needs, I just wish I could figure out how to make a little to make this easier on my mind. Now probably isn’t the best time to be thinking about all of this since we are going to start homeschooling Kristopher on the 17th. I am going to have my hands full trying to figure out how to be the best teacher for him, taking Taylor to her preschool program 2 days a week and working with her the other days and taking care of Kameron and the house. Most days I feel like I am doing the right thing by staying home and taking care of my children and teaching them myself but there are a few when I feel like I should be working outside the home to make money. I know I can work from home and all the things I would do from home, I am good at, but I’m just not sure with everything in my home life if there’s time to devote to extra work. I can make things, I can teach others to make things, I can take care of children and I can cook. My dream is still to have a store in Murray with Suzie, but in order to do that we’ve got to have the startup and that just isn’t happening right now. So, what do I do?

I know some would say get over it and send your kids to daycare and get a job, but that is not what I believe. Our God put us on the earth as mothers to have the children and take care of our children and teach them. I fully believe that that along with taking care of my husband and our home is my highest calling. I do not consider myself old-fashioned because I believe this nor do I look down on anyone who doesn’t stay home. I do believe that’s where I’m supposed to be though and no one is going to convince me otherwise.

Anyway, just a bunch of tired stressed out rambling, I suppose. I’d just like to have the answers and know that I am contributing something.

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