Here we go!

We are ready to start our homeschool curriculum tomorrow. For this year we decided to go with LifePac which we purchased from Alpha Omega Publications. I really like all that I have looked at so far for planning and am excited to start teaching it tomorrow. I think there are many things in the first few books that Kristopher already knows, but I could be wrong and I’m sure he needs a review anyway. I just hope that it has new things by the second book (there are 10 workbooks in each subject for the year.) We get to start our first experiment the second week of school if all goes as planned in the science book. I’m sure that will be fun.

Right now I am thinking that we will do the Art book (scroll down – it’s called I can do all things) from My Father’s World, but I may just come up with my own art projects. It wouldn’t be a problem, but sometimes it’s nice to just have it laid out for you. I’m still looking into Music lessons of some sort, but I may just try doing that myself too…we shall see.

Tomorrow, on the first day at Artesian Christian Academy, we are going to do a fun activity that Taylor can participate in as well. I got these posters from Oriental Trading Company. I think the kids will have fun filling in the information about themselves and their family – hope I’m right! I purchased one of those big pocket calendars too that you can have the kids add the days to and the weather and holidays. I’ve always wanted one of those for my kids even when we weren’t planning to homeschool, so I was finally able to justify it. Taylor will get to help with that too:)

We went on our first field trip last Thursday and it was fun for all the kids. It was a fishing field trip organized by one of the moms in our homeschooling group. She had a KY Department of Fish & Wildlife educator, Sonya Mahler, come out and teach the kids about KY fish. Then they learned how to cast their line by trying to get it into a hula hoop. Then the kids split up into 2 groups and one did sidewalk chalk art while the others got to try fishing in the pond. I sat on a blanket with Kameron and Jakin, while Bill & Suzie helped Boaz, Lillian, Taylor and Kristopher with their poles. Taylor caught a catfish, but I’m not sure she was that excited about it! Then the groups switched until it was time to eat lunch. It was a really fun thing for all the kids and the group was the most well behaved group of kids I’ve ever seen in that kind of setting. Everything was relaxed and fun and they learned something too – a very nice first experience for us.

Taylor is going to be starting Kingdom Kids this Tuesday. She will be there 2 days a week like Kristopher was when he was her age. We really liked the program then, so I hope it goes well for Taylor too. When Kristopher was there he had a small class, but Taylor’s class has 14 – heavy on the boys side. When we went to meet the teacher Taylor actually walked in and sat down at the table with all the boys, while the other girls all went to the other table. She has always wanted to hang out with the boys, so having that many around won’t be a problem for her! I just hope she enjoys going and doesn’t cry every time like she does when we drop her off for church.

Well, I better get to bed, so that I am well rested for tomorrow. Getting enough sleep is essential to me so that I have enough patience…and I definitely want that! Pray for me, and all of us, as we begin this new adventure of homeschool.

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