First & Second Day

Today is Taylor’s first day at preschool. She didn’t cry when I dropped her off, but was very quiet and shy in her class. I hope that she is having fun. Here are a couple of pictures of her ready for school. My little “Gap girl”:)

Kristopher worked on his bible study while I was dropping her off and paying. So after he finished that we had a little recess at the church, since they have a playground and we don’t have a swing set at home. Here are the boys enjoying recess.

Yesterday was a very good first day of school here. Kristopher did well on all his work. The kids did enjoy making their posters and I hung them upstairs on our art rod. We forgot to do our calendar, but we will do it starting tomorrow I hope! The only trouble we had was that Taylor wanted to participate in all the school work too and I didn’t relaly have anything planned for her except the poster activity. I have looked through all the stuff I have though and I have some books and things I can work with her on if she continues to want to do work. I am using Homeschool Tracker to keep track of attendance and grades on extra work (but I’m not going to put all the workbook stuff in there) and I’m keeping track of the things Taylor does too – just for fun. I also have a Mom’s Plan It calendar, just because I really like them, to keep track of my plans and what we actually get done everyday. I am also going to have to come up with a few extra assignments for Kristopher, I think. The curriculum I got is nice, but I’m already seeing areas that are going to need extra things for me to feel good about his education. So far though we are having a very good week:) Hope you are too wherever you are!

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