Taylor’s Naptime Quilt

At preschool, Taylor is required to at least lay down at naptime even though she hasn’t been taking naps for a couple of years now. The have little pull out “cots” that we bring a crib sheet for and then they are allowed to bring a blanket and pillow. Since Taylor is limited in her blanket supply, I decided that I would just make her a quilt to take with her. A few months ago, I got the book “Quilts, Baby!”, by Linda Kopp. It is full of beautiful baby quilts and I want to make many of them. There is a really simple one, especially for a new quilter like me, called Intersection. Here is my version, which is not quite as beautiful as the one in the book, but I love it!

After finishing it I wanted to keep it for myself, but I did send it with Taylor to school today. I actually hadn’t taken a picture of it before we got there, so I was standing out in the parking lot taking pictures of a quilt…other parents will probably think I am the crazy mom! I really hope not though. I just wanted to have a record of it in case something happens to it at school. The main front and back fabric is from the same line, but I can’t remember what it is right now. I also have some of it in a green-y aqua color. The patches are just scraps of what I had around, some favorites and some that just matched nicely. A lot of it came from J Caroline Creative.
While doing this quilt I learned that I like the piecing part of the quilt, but not the actual “quilting”. My next quilts (I have plans for a twin size one for Taylor’s bed and a Queen size one for our bed) will be taken to the Murray Sewing Center so that they can quilt them for me. Their prices are really reasonable for the quilting in my opinion. Much more reasonable than me going insane!

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2 Responses to Taylor’s Naptime Quilt

  1. allison says:

    love the quilt Tabitha :), would love to look at your book

  2. Tabitha says:

    Thanks, Allison! You can see the book anytime – I should have let you look at it when you were here!

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