Labor Day Weekend

Our Labor Day weekend was a little different this year than most. Usually we try to grill out at least once and go to the lake on Monday, but this year we had dreary weather and we got a surprise visit! My mom called a couple of days before the weekend and asked if we’d want to drive half way to see her (about 6-7 hours). We decided that it would be cheaper and easier if she just flew to Nashville, so I got to drive to Nashville for the first time to pick her up. I have been to Nashville before, but never the way that I went this time so I really enjoyed the drive down. We live 4 miles from the TN line, so instead for driving up through Murray to get to the interstate we just traveled south from here. I found out that we live close to all kinds of fun things. The first place we passed, 10 minutes from our driveway, was Paris Landing on the TN River. Now, I knew that we had the lake close by, but the Tennessee River is beautiful there. So after some oohing and ahhing we continued and 20 minutes from our house we found Fort Donelson. I’m not big into Forts or battlefields, but it is nice to know that this is here. It would be a great field trip for us or fun to go at least once to explore! Dover was a nice little town with a Piggly Wiggly (where I’ve never been either). They also had a Hallmark store (which would be closer than Paducah for us) which I was excited about since Murray lost theirs. Then we made it to Clarksville. This was very interesting to me since I’d never been. First off, it’s not as far as I thought it was. I’d like to go back and explore it as well (and go to Target!) They have an International Avenue of Flags and McGregor park on the river that the kids really wanted to stop and see, but we didn’t have time on any of the four trips past. This is where our scenic route ended and we got on 24. Once we picked my mom up we headed for the outlet mall, Opry Mills, which I didn’t know existed either. I’m going to have to say Nashville pretty much equals awesome because of this mall/area. If I’d had more time I would hvae loved to do more of the things in the mall, like the Stingray Reef, and I really wanted to walk around outside and go over to the Grand Ole Opry. In fact I could probably spend 2 or 3 days just around Opry Mills. We ate at the Aquarium Restaurant. I thought it was good and neat inside, though very expensive. I guess they have to charge extra to keep up the fish and shark tank. I couldn’t believe there were sharks swimming in the restaurant. The kids, of course, loved it! We also learned about a new fish while we were there. They had a Shovelnose Ray, also called a Guitar Fish. It looked like a stingray coming out a sharks body. Very interesting:) We wanted to eat at the Rainforest Cafe too, after seeing it, but the wait was much longer and we didn’t need to eat twice! Anyway, I definitely want to go back, now that I know it’s so much fun. It might even be nice to take a couple days of family vacation there…we’ll see.

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out around home with my mom. It was fun, but not enough time for sure. Monday, Taylor had a fever and slept most of the day so she didn’t get to go to preschool on Tuesday. We had to take my mom back to the airport on Tuesday so Kristopher and I didn’t do school either, hence the 4 day weekend:) Then we hurried back to Murray for a cub scout meeting. It was our Popcorn Kick off and I didn’t want him to miss it. If anyone wants any popcorn let us know – Kristopher is trying to reach a pretty big goal!

Some things I learned this weekend:

Nashville=Awesome (at least Opry Mills does)
We have a lot of cool places pretty close to us for some day or overnight trips.
I really wish my mom lived closer, like in Creal Springs still…
I should carry my camera with me into a mall even if I feel ridiculous – because I could have gotten some cute pictures there.
I consider 20 year olds to be “young people”
I have a good sense of direction and can figure out which way to go when I really haven’t a clue
North western TN is full of hills – you go up and down and up and down and up and …down.
I really need a cell phone of my own

This was the first time my mom has seen Kameron in person. She was here about a month before he was born last year and it was fun to see him smile at her and laugh with her while she was here. I hope she enjoyed her trip here also.

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  1. allison says:

    that’s cool that you got to have such a good weekend, and got to see your mom too :). I like the Opry Mills Mall, too. There is also the Build A Bear workshop and train to contend with there. Thanks for the good news about the Hallmark store :)

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