The Bitty Boy Turns One

I meant to do this post a couple of weeks ago when he actually turned one, but you know what they say…”better late than never!”

Kameron turned 1 year old on September 17. It was an exciting day for us although he didn’t really have a clue what was going on:) We told him Happy Birthday all day long and his siblings sang to him several times. After Kody came home from work we gave him his presents. He had several, but I just put all of them in a big bag with tissue paper so that it wouldn’t be so hard for him to figure out. He enjoyed pulling things out of the bag, but his favorite thing was the first toy he pulled out. A little jingly thing that rolls back to you when you roll it away. He wouldn’t put it down! After he finished pulling everything out we had his birthday dinner. His favorite vegetable is green beans (not yucky baby food ones, real ones) so I made those and french fries and he had some applesauce and cheerios too. Then I stripped him down for cake. I made cupcakes and we gave him a whole chocolate one. He was so excited about getting to touch it and eat it. The smiles were so beautiful. However he was not so clean by the time he was finished. After a few bites he decided it would be easiest to just lean down and eat it off the highchair and he was really messy. He got to have a bath and then play with his new things a bit before going to bed. I think it was a great birthday, and even if he won’t remember it, I will.

Then on the 26th we had, pretty much, an all day birthday party extravaganza! Taylor had a party in the afternoon (which I will put pictures of on her birthday post) and then we had dinner with our best family friends and Gram & Grandaddy:) It was fun and I made Kameron a monkey cake for his party. He had a bit of a runny nose and wasn’t quite as excited about the cake, but still ate most of one of the ears. He also got to do some tricycle riding with Grandaddy which he thought was great fun!

Thank you to everyone who made Kameron’s first birthday one-derful! Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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