Taylor’s 4th Birthday

as with the post before…better late than never!

Our little girl, Taylor, turned 4 on the 21st. Her birthday this year was so much more exciting than last year. Last year I came home with Kameron the day before her birthday and while a baby brother is a pretty good present he made it impossible to have an semblance of a party for her. She ended up opening gifts in her jammies and I’m pretty sure we didn’t even have a cake…pretty sad. So, fast forward to this year. We might have had too much fun! On her birthday we went to the doctor…ugh…for a check up. Then we came home and she opened her presents and blew out candles and we did have a cake:) Then on Tuesday she took cupcakes to school and had a little “class party.” And on the 26th we had the joint party for her and Kameron. She invited some little girls for a Princess party, where they made crowns and, you guessed it, ate more cake! I made her a castle cake for her party, and I thought it was cute even if it didn’t entirely look like a castle. She liked it, that’s all that matters! Anyway, the best pictures from all three days are below. Many of the ones I took didn’t turn out well because of faces she made or blurriness or angle. Oh well. Oh, yeah, the first picture of her in the pink outside is terrible because “the sun is in my eyes” :( But I had to put it up here because that was my dress when I was little! It was fun to see her in it and I tried to get some good pictures, but we were trying not to look too silly taking pictures at the doctors office (their landscaping is nice;)) and I forgot to try again at home. Enjoy the pictures and your day!

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