I finished Taylor’s curtains a couple of weeks ago…just in time for her birthday party:) I bought white tab top curtains and then cut off the bottom to add some patch work that will match her quilt, eventually. I still have to make the quilt. The pictures aren’t very good – don’t know what it was with the lighting, but I couldn’t get a good one. The curtains turned out well though and we finally can close them at night for privacy:)

Kristopher got the same curtains only I didn’t do any add ons for his…yet. I am thinking about adding some pirate fabric to the hem since the theme for the boys room is/will be pirates. We are slowly turning it into a cool pirate room. But we also want to repaint the room a different color, so maybe I should wait to finish the curtains until then.

I’m trying to get ready for a craft fair we are having at our church in a month, but I keep finding things I want to make for myself or my family. It would be so nice to have a couple of days just to myself for crafting. Unfortunately I don’t think that will happen with homeschooling, homekeeping and the million other things I “have” to do! We’ll see how ready I am. Even if I don’t get much done, I already have a box full of handmade things to sell and I can sell Usborne Books since I am a consultant – I do have a fallback thing:) I would love to get a lot more done to sell though. I have so many ideas!

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