The JOY of Christmas

Kameron & his beautiful smile, Tasting an ornament, “Hanging an ornament”, looking at another ornament

I have been watching Kameron closely this year while we decorate our house for Christmas and go to other’s houses. There is really nothing quite like seeing things through a baby’s (or 15 month old’s) eyes. The way they light up when he sees something he likes. I am so excited about watching him open his gifts this year because of the wonder and excitement I am sure to see on his face. The older kids will be excited for sure, but Kameron is the one I will be watching. I know I used to be like that – filled with excitement and wonder and joy at Christmastime, but as the years have gone by and I have grown up some of that has escaped. I do love to decorate and seeing old ornaments or bringing out the nativity give me great happiness, but oh to see it all with new eyes every year! To experience all the lights and view each thing as something great is what I desire. I feel this same way about Jesus. Sometimes in the day to day I lose sight of what’s important and lose track of what I need to be doing. But, Jesus is the reason…not only for the season (sorry)…but for life itself and as we aproach this Christmas I want to see Jesus with the eyes of a child. I want to be passionate about him and I want my eyes to be filled with indescribable joy each time I “spread the good news.” I want Him to feel the way I feel, when I see Kameron’s eyes light up at each Christmas thing, when He sees me. I don’t want to get lost this Christmas in all the many things the world offers us to get lost in; I just want to give honor and glory and praise to Jesus, because if it’s not about Jesus, it just isn’t worth it.

Watch your very young children this year. Just watch the joy on their faces. And then…get some of that joy for yourself – He’s there waiting:)

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