I know we’re already a week into 2010, but I wanted to get my goals for this year down. I’m not a resoloution kind of person. Change is good, but I really want to strive to live my life in a way that doesn’t require huge changes at the beginning of EVERY year. So I decided to make a list of my goals for this year. Some of these I’ve already gotten started on and others are a bit more of a work in progress.

Goals for Self
Lose 15 pounds, preferably in the first 6 months of 2010. I lost about that much last year and to get myself as close to my “pre-baby” body as I’m going to, this is what I have left. I know I can do it and I’m ready to!

Read my One Year Bible EVERYDAY! I tried to do this last year and many days didn’t do it. The days I did read it I learned so much though and I want to commit to learning from the Bible even if I don’t read it everyday like I plan.

Find a curriculum and teaching style that I enjoy for the remainder of this school year and for the next one. The last semester has been kind of boring/dissapointing for me in that regard and I want to be excited about what I’m teaching and excited that I get to teach my children. Right now, some days, I’m not.

Learn to weave or spin or both.

Get a lot more sewing and knitting and other crafting done than last year. Crafting time is me time and I really need more of that to stay sane with my family. I find that the days and weeks that I get that time to make something beautiful by myself I am a lot happier with everyone else in my house:)

Goals for Family
Get out of all debt, except our mortgage. We don’t have too much to pay off, but we are also van shopping which would add more. I know it’s possible, we’ll just have to really buckle down and get the money where it needs to go, not always fun.

Finish a lot more of our house. I’d like to get our small bathroom remodeled and usable and finish painting and decorating more of the rooms. The sunroom and our bedroom are at the top of my painting/decorating list and slowly they are coming together! I will post pictures when they are actually finished of before and after like I promised a year ago! Rooms just aren’t done so I haven’t been able to do that yet.

Get healthier as a family. I know we aren’t that unhealthy, but I just want to continue trying to eat more healthily and excercise more as a family even in the months that aren’t as good for that.

Grow spiritually as a family and encourage each other. I don’t think we do enough of this and I would like to make a concious effort to encourage my husband and children in their spiritual walk.

Homeschooling Goals
Find an enjoyable routine and curriculum, as stated above. I’m not the only one who is unhappy with the current stuff. We are getting ready to try some new things that I ordered and I will definitely post about them if we find that we like them!

Teach Taylor to write her letters, spell her name and get her started reading. She’s been moving pretty slow with this in her preschool class and I am hoping to get her doing a better job by the end of 2010. She is so different than Kristopher and doesn’t really seem to care. She wants to “do school” but she doesn’t want to retain anything. She is also younger than Kristopher was when he started school, so I guess that could be part of it. Suggestions?

I would like to see Kristopher’s writing skills improve. He does well with everything else, but he just doesn’t like to write (at least not for school). A friend has suggested some books for me and I am going to see what fun things I can come up with.

Those are my current goals for the year. I’m sure there will be more added as the year progresses and of course I have small everyday goals too. How about you? Any big goals you’d like to share to get me motivated (or give me more goals – haha!)? I hope you accomplish everything that you set out to do this year.

Happy New Year a week late!

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