Easter Baskets

When I pulled the Easter stuff out this year I realized that Kameron didn’t have a fabric covered pail yet, like I had made the other two a few years ago. I wasn’t planning to be somewhere I could buy a metal pail, so I started looking for other ideas. I found this cute tutorial via How About Orange (a favorite blog for ideas!) and got to work. At first I was just going to use these as Easter baskets and put them away, but I’ve decided that they’re so cute that the kids can just use them to hold toys on their shelves. Taylor’s matches her toddler bed quilt that I made and the boys’ baskets are made with Michael Miller’s Bot Camp line of fabric. Taylor’s wasn’t finished until Monday morning, but they are all pleased with their little baskets. :)

We had a wonderful Easter day and a beautiful weekend! We were able to get a lot accomplished in our yard (though there’s still much more to go!) and had fun as a family. Then on Easter we went to church and then waited in town for my mother in law who came and purchased a wooden swing set for the kids. We are all very excited about that – hopefully we can put it together this weekend. Thank you, Gram & Grandaddy! After that we went on to their house and had our annual egg hunt and huge meal. We cooked the ham that Kody got for part of his Christmas bonus from work and it was so good. We got home around midnight I think. Perfect weekend. Here are some pictures from Sunday. Eventually, I’ll try to get my Facebook page updated. A family photo was not taken again this year – big surprise. I am never in any Easter pictures. I manage to get in at least one from all the other holidays, but never Easter… Hope your day was happy and filled with Christ’s love for you. I’ve said before we only celebrate “Easter” because everyone else does, but we celebrate Jesus and what he’s done for us everyday and will continue to do so forever!

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