Soakin’ up the Sun

I have wanted to have a garden for several years now, but it wasn’t possible for various reasons. When we moved into this house almost 2 years ago (can you believe it?!) I thought I would finally get one, but the land wasn’t cleared enough and there was other, more important, work that had to be done outside. We also didn’t have any equipment to make ourselves a garden (like a tractor, disc-thingy, or tiller). We still don’t have any of our own large equipment, but we do have wonderful neighbors and family members with those! I bought a garden rake and garden hoe last weekend and had lots of fun purchasing them. Funny how that can be exciting!

The spring started off great. I thought about a garden again and expressed that I would love to have a spot for one to anyone who would listen. Then my secret pal from WOM gave me such a cute little basket of goodies mostly related to gardening. Just look at the cute notebook, too. This was a perfect gift for me (so I know my secret pal knows me pretty well!)

Then, last week our neighbor Mr. P came over and broke up the ground for us. Here is our beautiful spot of dirt. Of course I took pictures – this will be our first garden!

After that was done, I sat down and said what next? I had no clue where to start. So my husband called his dad, the master gardener, and he came over Sunday afternoon. He told me how to plant so that plants wouldn’t shade others and what to do to get straight rows and told me how to plant the seeds and what I shouldn’t put close together. He showed me how to use the tiller and how to make a hill…and he and my husband did a lot of the work, but I did help… See:

I learned so much and I hope that all my plants grow and are fruitful. Here is the first row – tomatoes.

We planted tomatoes, corn, green beans, green and banana peppers, cucumbers, decorative gourds, cantaloupe, kale, broccoli, zinnias & wildflowers and made a separate garlic bed. I recorded all of it in my new, pretty notebook:) There are many other things I’d eventually like to plant, but I think if this stuff grows I will be having enough fun. I can’t wait to make pickles and can tomatoes out of my own garden!

As it grows I’m sure I’ll show more pictures. If you haven’t tried gardening, you should. Just find someone who knows what they’re doing and learn everything you can from them. If I hadn’t had that my plants would have just been thrown all willy-nilly and who knows if I would have gotten anything! (I guess in gardening there is always a chance you won’t get anything – so I still might not – but here’s hoping!)

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