Blessed June

So far, this month has been full of blessings, even little ones and I want to take a minute to jot them down for later. Many of you know that we had a difficult few weeks in May with Kameron being “sick” and even in the hospital for 4 of the days. He never acted sick and I’m still convinced he was not, but we’ll probably never know what was wrong. Anyway, we’re past those problems and he’s better. I also had some funny pain going on and had a few tests run, that were all normal. Then we were anticipating another test that didn’t sound fun at all and before I was able to schedule it, because of Kameron’s issues, my pain went away. So 2-3 weeks of terrible pain and then mysteriously it was gone. Praise God we are all better!

So, it isn’t hard to beat all that! Starting with Memorial Day weekend we’ve just been blessed with so much that I want to share. Since I like lists, a list it will be!

Saturday, May 29: A keyboard from my dad arrived for Kristopher (and the rest of the family) to use for his recently started piano lessons. It is a beautiful, huge, like a piano, kind of keyboard and is way more than we could have afforded. It will be perfect for learning piano and has proven fun for the whole family so far! Saturday evening we were able to see my sister, Erica, for 4 hours. She lives in Pennsylvania and we haven’t seen her for a year. I’m glad that we got to see each other for a little while, at least. We had fun shopping for maternity clothes and looking at baby things. I can’t wait to start making some things for her little baby once we know if it is a boy or girl.

Monday, May 31: Memorial Day was lots of fun. My in-laws came over and we grilled hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner. Before that though, Kody’s dad helped me with the garden (everyone else hid in the house from the mosquitos!) He tilled between the rows while I raked dirt behind him. I staked the tomatoes since they are finally getting tall and trying to flop over. We planted some strawberry plants that he ordered for us. It was a lot of fun working in the garden with someone who has so much knowledge about it. I really enjoyed that and hope for more days of the same – there’s plenty more I don’t know! After we finished outside he and Kody worked on a little drywall before dinner. The kids all enjoyed having Gram & Grandaddy here. We are blessed with such good grandparents and parents!

Wednesday, June 2: Kristopher had a piano lesson on this morning and then we had errands we needed to run later, so I didn’t want to go home, but everyone was hungry. We decided that we needed lunch. Kristopher was set on pizza. Then I realized that the Free Summer Feeding Program (at our parks during the summer) had started Tuesday. So I told them that we would do that, to save money. Kristopher was very dissapointed and really wanted pizza (he always does)…anyway, we got to the park and walked up to the pavillion and guess what they were serving for lunch? Domino’s Pizza! With an apple and milk of course! God really is into the little things too. :) After lunch we were able to pass a few of our old children’s clothes on to someone who will love and use them and hopefully be blessed by them. Then we went to Kroger where Kameron learned about carts with cars. He “drove” with Taylor and laughed the whole way through the store. So sweet. At home I got some much needed sewing time:)

Thursday, June 3: I got some time to myself! I went to dinner with a big group of women at Shogun, our Japanese restaurant in town. Out of 12, I only knew 3, but I had lots of fun. I felt very blessed to be able to go out for a few hours and not worry about how the rest of my family was doing at home. I felt very blessed to have friends to go out with as well. Then I got to go to the grocery store, to finish up shopping from the day before, all by myself. If you have children you know how awesome this is once in awhile!

Friday, June 4: I was frantically cleaning my house because of a Pampered Chef party and got a call from a friend from church. The feeding program mentioned above is done one day a week in the outlying areas of the county and Friday was the day for our area. She didn’t have many kids there and so we went down to eat and play games. I was feeling a little stressed about not getting stuff done and being there instead, but it was such a blessing to spend time with the ladies who were in charge of lunch that time and with my sweet friend, G. The kids had fun and got to eat and play outside which is more than they probably would have gotten at home with me cleaning! When we got home I still had plenty of time to prepare the food and finish cleaning my house before my guests arrived. In fact, just the right amount of time! Then I spent a really fun evening with friends in my home. If you know me, you know that I love having people over and cooking for people. That’s what I do, if I love you, I cook for you. I also love free stuff and so hosting parties to get stuff is one thing I love to do. I’m just so glad that I have great friends who I can share things with.

Sunday, June 6: We have a caterer who goes to church with us and her brother and his wife are good friends of ours. She had catered a wedding on Saturday and there was tons of leftover food that the people didn’t want to keep, so they said take it back and give it away! So our friends told us to go by and get some. The food was amazing and free. We are in the last week before payday and, while this time we are okay, usually we are really struggling. Anyway, this food is helping us to stretch our food just a little farther. Free food is always a blessing, just ask those who have struggled with buying it. This is a small one, but I sat at the desk this evening at church and during that time I was able to plan out a rough outline for my class at our VBS. It has been hard to get started on this at home with so much going on around me and I was glad to get an outline done. Things get easier from there and I was able to get the extra things I needed from the church before I came home to finish up my craft list. Now I am ready to plan exactly what goes where and figure out my decorations and lesson plan!

I said on Facebook that my birthday month is starting out great and it truly is. What better way to celebrate than by remembering how blessed I am in my life. God works in amazing ways everyday and in the little things everyday. Each one of the days listed above wasn’t pefect in any way. I had stress each one and whiny children at times and things went wrong, but what I’ll remember are the good things. Choose to see the good and the blessings in your life as well. No matter what is going on, if you follow Jesus and obey, you will be blessed.

Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers. But his delight is in the law of the LORD, and on his law he meditates day and night. ~Psalm 1:1 (NIV)

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