This moment

Today has been a day of ups and downs, thankfully mostly ups. I was able to spend the morning in town by myself shopping for our weekly groceries and some plants. Since payday was yesterday it was the big grocery week and this is always nice to do alone. I found some $3 roses at Lowe’s and this was my most exciting purchase. I also went to a local grower and was able to talk to her about choosing some plants to put around our sitting area. I like what she helped me choose and now I’ll have to go back so I can do the opposite side to match. I think I’ve pretty much decided how I’m going to finish it now, so that makes me happy and content even though it isn’t finished right now. It really makes me happy to have a plan. I don’t like wondering what is going to happen or winging it. I’ve learned this in more ways than one this weekend and even though I already knew it I think I’m finally “getting it”. I planted all of those plants and worked in the garden some cleaning it up and planting some more corn that will hopefully give us a second round of it late in the summer. I will try to do a garden update in a day or two. I have the pictures taken, I just need the time to sit down and sort through them and upload. Maybe I can take some of the flowers I did today too. I haven’t taken any pictures today and there were plenty of opportunities. We were all outside enjoying the sun and the water (even though it is so hot!) I have found this summer that I have more days like this than I used to. Days without pictures. Days that I am too busy enjoying the moment and being involved in the moment. I want to remember these moments, but part of what makes me want to remember them is my activity in them. I can’t spend every moment capturing things with photographs. Sometimes I just need to do and keep it in my head. Right now we are getting ready to eat. Kody grilled all the things I prepared. We haven’t grilled enough this summer. Time to get back on track.

I hope you are having a wonderful summer day! Sorry about my modge-podge post. It was just what I needed though. :)

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