Garden 1.0

The garden is changing everyday, growing and being added to by me. I am enjoying it, but it is a lot of work! Of course I learn new things everyday too…like that I should fertilize my plants if I want them to get bigger…should have already known that.

Anyway, here is what it looked like on June 10th: (I even labeled it – click for larger)

In that big open space that says, “nothing grew here” I have now replanted some corn that will hopefully come in later and some pumpkin seeds in a row. I know they’re supposed to be in a hill, but I’m experimenting and since it’s my garden I can do that! The carrots and second zinnia planting were the other newest things and they’re labeled, but so far no carrots and only 4 small zinnia plants. Each time I go out I feel so excited to see all my plants, but then am discouraged by the things that aren’t growing. I need to be happier about the things that are growing. :)

Here are some close up shots of my plants.

Our kale is ready to eat, unfortunately I don’t think I really like it and I know I won’t cook greens, so not sure what to do with that. It is beautiful though! I’m not sure the cucumbers are going to make it. Yesterday when I went out they were lying down on the ground looking sad. Maybe that’s what they’re supposed to do though? We have lots of little tomatoes and I’m so happy about that. I have big plans to can lots and make spaghetti sauce and of course eat them everyday this summer! If you know anything about me it should be that I love tomatoes and could live off them. The peppers have small blooms on them now, so it looks like we will have a few peppers at least. In my second and third garden plots I have green beans, sunflowers, tomatoes and strawberries. The strawberry plants are growing, but we won’t get strawberries until next year. All the tomatoes in these areas are small and not ready yet, but the beans are taking off and looking great. I’m so excited for those as well. Yesterday there were even beans on the 4 plants in the big garden and they look ready to me, so maybe I will pick them today. Our blackberries are also coming along nicely and will be ready soon, I think. No blueberries this year though.

Saturday and yesterday I worked around the little sitting area we are making. Last April we tore down the smallest shed that was in our back yard and there was a concrete floor under it. We didn’t want to break it up and there was nothing much we could do with it since it’s not that big (12′ x 9′), so we’re turning it in to a sitting area. Earlier this spring we lined it and filled it with pea gravel. And now I am surrounding it with flowers so it looks nicer. I put roses, that I got for $3 at Lowe’s, along the back side and I’m really hoping that they live! The two long sides will match, although I only have finished one side right now. I have a rudbeckia in the middle and then bush that I can’t remember the name of (fire-something?), and then the dark red and yellow day lilies on the ends. My yellow butterfly bush is now next to the stepping stone going into the sitting area and I will either put daylillies or spiderwart (that my in-laws have offered me) next to it along the front. Hopefully I will get back to Lowe’s tonight for some of this and some mulch so that I can make it look like a real little flower garden. This is the first year that I’ve really done much with plants and I’m surprising myself with how much I enjoy it and how much fun it is to choose things. I hope that I can someday make our yard as beautiful as my in-laws!

Plants I still need to get: flowers for the last side of the sitting area; a hosta to put in the flower bed around the deck where I removed the butterfly bush; some kind of small, pretty, flowering tree for the front of the house next to the porch to make it less plain; 2 more blueberry bushes and 2 more blackberry bushes; a cherry tree, possibly.

Items I still need outside: bench/chairs for sitting area; weed control fabric; mulch; fertilizer; my own tiller – someday!

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