Ten Things on a Tuesday

1. Yesterday I realized that Kameron really likes things with wheels; vehicles. This is kind of new to me, having a boy who loves all things that go. Kristopher liked cars okay, but he didn’t sit and play with them for hours at a time and smile or laugh so much while doing it. If there are things with wheels around, you’ll see Kameron pushing them or trying to climb into them as the case was yesterday morning! He wanted to get in a diego jeep (a small toy one) at a friends house. :) He also wanted to drive our car and he loves riding on the lawn mower. I think he’s going to need his own little jeep/car to “drive” in the yard for his upcoming birthday!

2. Kristopher had his 5th piano lesson yesterday and he really seems to like it. I don’t have to tell him to practice everyday, he just does it, and he’s flying through the book. My friend who is teaching him said he’s doing really great. I am so happy he likes it and is doing so well, because when it comes to musical instruments I am not able to put my brain and hands together. My dad tried to teach me piano when I was a child and I didn’t like it, I tried to teach myself a bit in college and I didn’t really like it, and now I have looked at the stuff and tried a little and I still don’t really like it or find it easy to try to play. But I love to hear piano music and I hope that he will continue to play for me. Kody has been playing some things by ear too (which amazes me since I can’t sit down and do that), so maybe he will be playing more soon too.

3. A couple of weeks ago, I was having a rough morning getting ready for church. The dress I wanted to wear needed some hem work, so I did that with very little time to get ready, and then I was getting everyone else ready and the zipper split in the back. After that I looked in my closet and decided that I had nothing to wear! So, Saturday I went to a local thrift store to look. I found a beautiful dress for $3 that fit and another little weekday dress for $1. I also found 3 yards of a great fabric to make myself a fall dress ( I had a pattern in mind when I saw it – yay!) Then on Sunday, one of my good friends gave me a dress (brand new!) that she couldn’t wear because it was too short. That is never a problem for me and while it is not something I would normally pick out, I tried it on and I think it is pretty cute. So, I had a good dress weekend!

4. Kristopher had his games taken away for the last week and I am considering not ever giving them back…just kidding, I think. His offense wasn’t terrible, he just wasn’t listening and his attitude was poor much of the time. Since the games have been gone he has been so nice and good and things here have been peaceful. It seems like that’s the way it works wach time and I don’t think it has anything to do with “getting them back.” I think our house is just a more happy place when we are spending time together and helping each other. Once the games come back it is too tempting to ignore others and just turn the game on. Instead of finding something else to do when bored, all he can think of is games. I know his brother and sister are much happier when he is playing with them!

5. Well, my garden is not quite so beautiful anymore. Something knocked over a lot of my corn and I think something else tore a few of the stalks down. I’m not sure if it was a recent storm that knocked it over or if an animal did it. I didn’t see any tracks. My second corn planting is coming in and the ones that were knocked over seem to be okay, they just aren’t standing straight anymore. My second planting of green beans were supposed to be bush beans (I thought), but they seem to need something to grab onto, because they are shooting out vine things from their tops. I guess I need to work on something for them. I’m still hoping for a good crop of food, and praying that all animals and bugs will stay away from my veggies! We have gotten about 15 green beans (we sauteed them) and 6 blackberries so far. They were good!

6. I will be making lots of paper vines and waterfalls and animals on Saturday. That’s right, it’s time for VBS again! I am teaching the 3 year old class for the third year (3’s a charm!) I like the little ones and I’m looking forward to a great week. We’re doing the Sonquest Rainforest theme and teaching from the parables that Jesus used.

7. My birthday was last Saturday. Twenty-nine is not very exciting. I guess since I’ve been waiting and wanting to be 30 for so long I am just not happy with this age. I know no one wants to be 30, but I can’t wait. I look forward to being out of my twenties and feeling like the youngest one in my group of friends. I know I’ll still be the youngest, I just won’t feel quite so young when I’m 30, which to me is a good thing. I’m tired of being a kid! Anyway, this birthday was not very good – just a regular day for me, Kody was sick, so I had to make my own birthday dinner. I did get to go to town by myself for my regular errands, but I didn’t do anything exciting the rest of the day. I told Kody that I wanted a surprise party next year for my 30th. I have told him several times, actually. If I keep “reminding” him I guess I’ll expect it and if there is a party it won’t be much of a surprise, but either way I want a party! We’ll see.

8. It is so unbelieveably hot this week! I know everyone is talking about the weather and how hot it is, but I don’t remember the heat being this bad last year. We are drenched within 3 minutes of walking out the door and I can’t keep enough water on hand when we have to run errands in the car. I hope it cools off, just a little even, soon.

9. For my birthday, from my dad, I got some money. He usually sends money, but this time I had my short list of things I wanted and it turned out to be a perfect amount for them! I got a serger that I’ve been wanting for a long time; it’s just the cheapest little Singer one, but I don’t need a big fancy one to do what I want to. I also was able to get a little netbook/notebook computer. I got the Dell Inspiron 11z. I really wanted blue, but I decided that color wasn’t worth $40 extra. So I looked at skins and I found a really awesome one with trees that I hope is going to work. If it does it will be exactly what I want!

10. I’ve been watching my children lately when they are picking out clothes and listening when they complain about what I’ve picked out. I just think it’s funny to see how their sense of style has evolved. Kristopher likes his shirts to be kind of fitted, he doesn’t like loose or baggy shirts. I’m going to have to work on this some, because I like to buy his shirts big so he can wear them longer. He also likes his shorts to come down to his knees and cover the knee caps. If they are above his knees they bother him. (wow it’s really hard to type knees.) Taylor has decided that she really likes shirts with sleeves. She is not really a tank top kind of girl and she really doesn’t like thin straps. I know I shouldn’t complain about this because it will probably be a fight to get her to wear sleeves in the future, but she has so many cute sleeveless things that she doesn’t want to wear now. She also hasn’t been wanting to wear dresses much this summer and I’m not really sure why. I think she is just nervous that someone will see her underwear. She feels more secure if she is wearing the little short leggings with her dress. I guess I need to invest in some more of those so she’ll wear the dresses again!

Well, that’s 10. I was going to share my summer reading so far with you, but I’ll save that for another post. Enjoy your day and stay cool!

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  1. allison says:

    happy birthday!!
    just wanted to say that when you were talking about taylor, I thought of ana. she always wears little t-shirts under her dresses if they are like tank tops. She also almost always wears shorts under her dresses, pretty much for the same reason :). Also, that’s really cool about the serger :). I was trying to explain what one was to my dad :)

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