Summer Reading

Since I don’t have access to my pictures on the computer I’m currently using, this will be a pictureless post. Kody unplugged the one with our picture files and I am currently waiting for my new mini laptop that I got for my birthday. It was shipped yesterday, so it should be here soon!

So, we are doing the summer reading program at our public library again. We are a reading family, so we’ll probably do it as long as it is offered! The great thing about our library’s program is that they include the parents and younger siblings of children who are actually the right age to participate. So Kristopher is actually “signed up,” but Taylor, Kameron and I also get to keep a reading list and earn book bucks. Kameron gets special baby ones and I get adult book bucks. At the end of the program in a few weeks we will get to spend our book bucks on items like school supplies, little toys, coffee mugs, paper, etc. The reason for the different colored bucks is so the babies only shop at their table with safe toys and the adults stay at their designated tables. I think involving the whole family is great and actually encourages reading more than a program just for the K-12 crowd. Kristopher has already filled up 2 front and back pages with chapter books and is working on his third sheet. He has a little friendly competition going with his best friend B. He also really wants to reach the maximum number of allowed book bucks – although he really doesn’t need to. Last year he had over 100 and didn’t end up spending all of them because the merchandise is priced low so kids can get it! But he’s reading and enjoying, so if he wants all those that is fine with me!

Usually I don’t read much because our summers are so busy. I will count the books I read to Taylor and Kameron, but only read one of my own. This year I decided to actually read some books that interest me and I have enjoyed them. I have gotten less sleep this summer though! Here is my Summer Reading List:

Ford County: Stories by John Grisham – I’m a big fan of John Grisham and I really enjoyed his latest work.
Knit the Season by Kate Jacobs – I probably should have either skipped this one altogether or waited until closer to Christmas. I read her first novel last year, The Friday Night Knitting Club, and while it was enjoyable, this one just seemed to go on and on and just updated me on the old characters. It was kind of boring.
Ever After by Karen Kingsbury – Such a sweet story. Her books always make me cry, a lot, and this was no excecption. Even though her works are fiction, I always learn something from her writing because she uses so much of what is going on in the world to tell her stories. So good.
The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks – I had a vague feeling that I’d started this one before, but not finished it. I did enjoy it though and am glad I read it. I have read most of his books and think his love stories are very good reads.
A Bend in the Road by Nicholas Sparks – Now, this one was sad too. I did like it, but after the last two sappy love stories I was getting ready for a change, so my heart wasn’t in this read as much and I had to hurry to finish it! It was a good story though. Wonder if they’ll make a movie out of it – might be kind of a thriller…not his typical book turned movie romance.

I’m currently reading The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule. I actually own this book and have read it mostly before, but I wanted to reread for ideas so I checked it out from the library so I could count it. :) I think this will be my last for this summer (at least on the list.) Too much other stuff going on to focus on books right now. I’ve read many little kids books to Taylor & Kameron and will continue to do that. I let them pick theirs and then I pick some good ones for them so that we don’t have all Disney and board books to read.

Do you have a summer reading program at your library? If you do, and aren’t involved in it, check it out. We have a lot of fun and reading new books is always an adventure!

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