I’m done…maybe

I’m sure you’re tired of seeing these little houses…but I made myself one this morning. I couldn’t resist the cuteness and had to have one for my bag! I used the same polka-dots as I did for Taylor’s roof, but my lining is different. I have been saving this blue with black and white bird print for a few years now. then I bought the polka-dots earlier this year and when I saw the two together I could not imagine not using them together in a project. I still want to make something else with them together, but this satisfied a little of that craving. Blue is my favorite color and right now I love birds and polka-dots and houses – I could not be more happy about this little thing. Joy comes from strange places sometimes! I don’t know what it will hold yet, but it’s going with me wherever I go.

Once again the pattern/tutorial can be found here at The Long Thread.
Polka-dot fabric is: Naomi’s Rose by Helen Weinman for Timeless Treasures, from: The Murray Sewing Center
Bird fabric is: Floragraphix III by Jason Yenter for In the Beginning Fabrics, from: Hancock’s of Paducah
Tree fabric is: Apple Tree (Timeless Treasures), from: Hancock’s of Paducah
The outside of the house is made from canvas just as the other two were.

So, the maybe is because now that I’ve made these two blue houses, I’m not liking the pink anymore. I guess what I’m really not liking about the pink one is the lining and window/door fabric choices. The solid fabric looks better to me – what do you think? Should I redo the gift pouch? I’d feel better giving a gift that I like better than I do that one I think. So maybe one more house on this kick and then I’ll move on. I did get almost all of 4 aprons cut out this week too and one of them is actually pinned. So if you are looking for an apron stay tuned and I’ll hopefully have some of the them up here next week:)

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