a little bit of a crafty update

I made another house:

I went through Kameron’s clothes for fall/winter and found him in need of pants- he’s a little shortie. So I made him two pair. One is from an old sweatshirt from high school and the other is from a gap sweater that was mine and became holey. I loved that sweater and can’t wait for him to wear the pants this winter!

I started a shawl:

I made 3 baby taggy blankets (12×12) for an order and to keep on hand for gifts. I just couldn’t decide on one, so 3 it was.

I still didn’t finish one apron…sadly the pieces are all cut and on my sewing room floor in a stack. Maybe next week? Have a great weekend!

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  1. Trish says:

    I just read your comment on the Pleated Poppy, wondering how to homeschool and send your kids to reg school all at the same time. I know Lindsey does it different than we do, but I thought I would still share the way we go about it.

    This is actually our first year doing it this way. Our children attend a private Christian school and they are very flexible. I also have a daughter with Cerebral Palsy. We were planning on homeschooling full-time, because of the cost involved in a private school. When they contacted us and suggested doing a part-time thing. They are very flexible and are also willing to do this for all of our children when the time comes for all of them to be in school! For now it is just Alaina in Kindergarten.

    It might be worth checking out if you have a private school.

    Cute house by the way :)

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