Conversations with Kristopher

At lunch today the following conversation was had: (please note that I have no idea how they really smoke cheese)

Kristopher: How do they smoke the cheese?
Me: They put it in a smokehouse.
Kristopher: What’s a smokehouse?
Me: It’s like a tobacco barn, but smaller like a little house, like the one that the pig sees on Charlotte’s Web.
Kristopher: Why do they have to kill pigs?
Me: That’s where you get bacon and pork.
Kristopher: I wish we could go hunting sometime. We could save lots of money if we did.
Me: Do you want to eat a deer?
Kristopher: I don’t know, I’ve never tried one. I like to try new things.
Me: Yeah, right.
Me: Do you want to clean it and cut it up too?
Kristopher: What?
Me: You have to cut it up if you kill it.
Kristopher: I don’t want to do that.
Me: Daddy’s not going to go hunting anyway. He doesn’t like to kill animals and do all that either. And, I’m definitely not cleaning it.
Kristopher: Well, does Grandaddy go hunting?
Me: Not anymore, I don’t think.
Kristopher: You know there’s only one thing I don’t like in the world?
Me: What? (and I start naming things I know he doesn’t like)
Kristopher: no, no, no, no…oh yeah I don’t like that.

Thankfully, I was eating a tomato, a plum and lima beans, NOT meat. I prefer not to eat meat that much and I could easily live without it. If I was eating meat, I probably would have thrown up. Sorry…TMI, I know. So, apparently he meant the thing he doesn’t like most in the world. It was that people are mean to kids. I guess me shooting down his idea of going hunting and saving us money means that I am mean. Oh well!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Dacia says:

    Enjoyed reading your blog :)

    Tell Kristopher that deer is really good and I will even give him some to try….We have tons of ground deer that we use for everything :)

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