A little bit of Monday randomness

1. I, after what feels like a sweet forever, have both trees up and they are both decorated. However, the rest of my decorations aren’t out, because I just can’t find the energy or motivation to finish. I almost always finish decorating the whole house on black Friday. My lack of energy this year is from being pregnant, I’m sure, and my lack of motivation stems from bookshelf anticipation.
2. I can’t wait for Wednesday to arrive. I will be 21 weeks and I have an ultrasound. Hoping the baby cooperates so we can find out if it’s a boy or girl! While I’m at the ultrasound, my in laws will be watching the kids and, barring rain or disasters, my father in law will be putting the bookshelves and cabinets that he built in for me. I’m so excited! The cabinet part is already here in the garage and they look great!
3. I’ve almost finished my Christmas shopping for the year. Just have to pick up a couple of small things and wait for everything to arrive. I wish I could say that it’s all wrapped and under the tree, but people won’t sleep long enough for me to get it done! I love to look at a pretty tree with presents underneath.
4. Even though I’ve almost finished the shopping I still have several things to make for the kids. I had big plans and I want to finish at least half of them. So far, I’ve only gotten Kristopher’s slippers done.
5. I painted today. I painted a wooden chair and 3 plastic thrifted frames to go in our living room. The color matches the wall behind where the bookcases will go; a nice robin’s egg blue. I will post pictures when it’s all in the room where it will go!
6. I’m tired. All the time. Even when I’m not tired, I’m tired. I feel good otherwise. I don’t want to be pregnant again. The sickness at the beginning and the tired now is enough for me to be done. Four is a good round perfect number. :)

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