Checking Things Off

Just not checking them off fast enough! If you’ll recall my list, it was rather full. I’ve gotten 3 of the things on it made so far. I have been busy trying to keep up with keeping my house clean and also trying to get it painted and make it look nicer, so I’m moving slowly on the Christmas making. I think all the kids probably have plenty under the tree already, so these are just extras (I do really want to get more done by the 25th though!)

First, I finished these slippers for Kristopher. He had a pair just like this in a smaller size and wore them all the time. He requested another pair, but wanted blue and green stripes. Well, I didn’t have yarn that would work and was trying not to buy new supplies for these gifts if possible. I did have more Malabrigo worsted in a dark and light blue variegated and his favorite color right now is dark blue, so I hope he likes these just as well. In the picture they still need to be felted – they are going in the machine today!

Next I finished this hat for him, also requested and I did buy the yarn he wanted for this. He told me he wanted a hat just like Kameron’s, which was kind of funny to me, but I thought I’d try. I only bought 1 skein of yarn and didn’t want to go get more, so his is a lot shorter, but I think it will be okay. It’s very thick, which would bug me, but hopefully he will wear it! It is knit from Lion Brand Hometown USA in the color Washington Denim. I did not enjoy knitting with this acrylic after the nice soft Malabrigo, but at least it was a quick knit in the chunky yarn!

This morning I finished a boy doll. It is for Kameron, since he has taken to playing with Taylor’s dolls a lot. He likes to carry them around and love on them. Worry not, he still loves his cars and boy things too! Anyway, I bought the book Wee Wonderfuls about a month ago and all the dolls are so cute, and this boy doll, Eddie is in there. In the book he is such a little cutie and I’m very dissapointed that my version is not quite so cute. I was working with what I had available to me and I had an ivory flannel for the body. He looks very pale and Kristopher remarked that it looks like a scary ghost. I think he looks slightly better with his clothes on and I looked at the flickr group and many of the dolls on there are made with lighter bodies and are still cute, so I’m going to give him the doll. I have considered trying to dye him with tea or something though. My fake fur for the hair is also a little wild. I loved the curls in the book and I’m not digging my fluffy hair so much! Anyway, here he is. Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions about giving him a good tan!

I have finished decorating for Christmas, it took a sweet forever this year, and I will post pictures soon. I love what I decided to do with the top of the tree this year – I was tired of having an angel on top. It appears I have a burnt out piece of lights on there now, already. That’s dissapointing!

Have a great day! Time for me to start getting ready for a couple weeks of Christmas parties – I love being invited to parties! :)

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