Christmas Decorating 2010

I always seem to post more in December than any other time of year. I guess I just enjoy participating in all the fun decorating/cooking blog-alongs!

Like last year, the kids decorated their own tree upstairs. The colored lights were burnt out when we got our stuff out and so they got white this year. It seems like we buy new lights for the trees every year – so wasteful. Why can’t they work longer? Here are some pictures of them decorating their tree:

My kitchen is pretty much the same as last year. I bought one new plate on sale at the end of the year last year, so the silver and white one is new. I also made myself a full Christmas apron back in July or something crazy like that, so I added a picture of it. Maybe sometime there will be a shot of me wearing it! Here are my kitchen decorations:

My living room has changed a lot this year. My father in law is building some nice built in bookshelves to go along my back wall. I was pretty sure I wanted a contrasting color on the wall behind them and thought a robin’s egg blue would be lovely. Then at the Christmas Bazaar that I participated in, in November, I bought a pleated fabric tree. The color was just the color I wanted, so I went to WM and what do you know? They had the perfect ornaments there to match. So I took the ornaments to the paint section and matched a paint chip and now my living room is all matchy matchy! I painted a wood chair, three frames and the back wall the nice blue color and then put out all my matching Christmas decor. I also ordered more of the fabric that was on the tree to go around my big tree as a skirt. I like this idea since I can change it up and reuse the fabric for something else if I want to use a different color scheme at Christmas! The cabinet bottoms of the built ins are up, but the shelf tops aren’t in yet, so you’ll just see a blue wall behind some of my decorations. We are doing the Usborne Advent book again that the people pop out of. the gold ornaments and candles don’t really fit in in this room anymore, but for right now I didn’t have anywhere else to put them. I think eventually they’ll go in our bedroom on a dresser top/table. The green tree was also a must have on sale item last year. Not so sure it fits in in the living room now either? Pictures of the living room:

I got my peppermint soap and cute snowman towels out for the bathroom. Love these, from my secret pal last year, but didn’t take pictures of the bathroom. Trust me, you don’t really want to see it anyway! I’m not a very good bathroom cleaner…

Hope you all have had lots of fun decorating your homes for the season. I always love to see my stuff for December. I like to change it up (I get bored pretty easily) when January rolls around though. I’m just glad that this year my home is starting to feel more homey and welcoming. I hope that others will agree with me on this!

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2 Responses to Christmas Decorating 2010

  1. Szq says:

    Hey – it’s looking nice over there! Makes me want to paint and put up cabinets and decorate…well I guess I wanted to do that already, but I’m glad at least one of us is getting it done :-0 Way to go!!

  2. jennykate says:

    I love all of the blues and whites…so pretty!

    Your Christmas tree is gorgeous!

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