I had a really hard time deciding what to give the grandparents from our children this year, without spending a bunch of money. One day I was reading blogs and came across a link to Craft-o-Maniac’s blog where she had baked ornaments. So, on Sunday, we made some dough and baked ornaments. Then, on Monday, we decorated them. I think they turned out really pretty and I kind of hope we don’t end up giving them all away!

The handprints are Kameron’s hands, Kristopher and Taylor picked what shapes they wanted to give each person and I just made snowflakes for giving our friends or keeping for ourselves. I am a snowflake fan!

We just have to add ribbon through the holes and wrap them up very carefully and then they’ll be on the way to their recipients (who I’m pretty sure don’t read my blog anymore, unless I tell them to). I hope they like them!

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  1. allison says:

    love the ornaments…might have to try that :)

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