She’s Right

I just finished reading this post by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and I am crying. I’m crying because she’s right and I know she’s right and every year I say the same. That we won’t make a big deal out of the stuff and that we will focus on what is important and what Christmas is really about. It’s about Jesus. He came for you and for me to save us. What is important is the relationship we have with Him and the relationships we have with those around us. I struggle with trying to make people, especially my children, feel loved by trying to give them everything I can buy. That’s not what matters, it’s my relationship with them. If I were suddenly gone, their stuff wouldn’t matter would it?

I’m sitting here working on making last minute gifts and last minute extravagant food. I’ll probably still finish what I’m working on, but it is enough and like Stephanie said, probably too much. Merry Christmas to all of you – look around and ask yourself if you have enough and if you do, help someone who doesn’t! :) Love to you all!

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