Christmas Morning

We hope you all had a Merry Christmas! I thoroughly enjoyed my Christmas morning. I was able to wake up before everyone else without an alarm and take a nice shower. Then I made a yummy breakfast of Orange Pecan French Toast Casserole, Scrambled Eggs and Bacon with hot tea and coffee. I think it’s the best Christmas breakfast I’ve done! (even if the kids weren’t impressed with the french toast…) Then I woke everyone else up and the fun started! We always eat breakfast before we open stockings or presents and the kids have always been okay with that. While we ate I let them open their sibling gifts. I like to do that on Christmas eve, but they got so much at Kody’s family’s get together that I skipped it. They enjoyed their little presents from each other. :)

When breakfast was over, it got a little wild! We usually take our stockings back to the table (to minimize the mess), but this year Taylor got to the stockings first and hers was a little too high to reach so it fell and she just sat down and started pulling stuff out, so we stayed in the living room. It was kind of funny to see her go through hers so fast and the boys slowly pulled stuff out. Kristopher wanted to do his little sticker book immediately and play with all his little things and Kameron stopped at every piece of candy to try to get someone to open them. So, stockings took awhile. Taylor was the most excited for presents and in the biggest hurry this year. She was bouncing and loud and ready! Anyway, the kids usually do a great job of passing out all the presents under the tree before anyone starts opening and it didn’t happen this year. After each person had a couple they couldn’t wait and they just started opening. It was chaos for sure! Eventually they all got all their gifts and they were all happy with what they got. Kody and I didn’t really do anything for each other, but we had fun playing with all the kids new toys.

Later on in the day Kody’s parents came over and we had a big dinner of roast with carrots, potatoes and onions, stuffing, sweet potatoes, ham and bread. It was good and I was very stuffed when it was over, but not too stuffed for apple pie! I was really wanting one this year and while I don’t think apple pie screams Christmas, I still made one.

Kody and the kids also made a birthday cake for Jesus. After all Jesus is the reason we celebrate! Thank you Jesus, for my life and for every wonderful day you give me with my family and friends. Thank you for all that you did to ensure my place in heaven some day. Help me to be all that you want for me to be.

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