More Christmas Crafting

You saw a few of the things I made back on this post, but I finished 3 more gifts in time for Christmas gifting.

I wanted to finish a toddler bed quilt for Kameron that I had cut pieces for several months ago, but that didn’t happen. It has a robot theme. I was in Walmart and they had some cute new robot fleece. So I made a quick blanket for his bed by binding it with blanket satin.

Then I was sad that I didn’t get to make the doll for Taylor that I wanted to (the topsy turvy doll, with a head on each end), so I looked through my doll book, Wee Wonderfuls, again. I decided that since she likes her sticker book dolls so much that a “paper doll” type thing would be fun. The book had the perfect project and she loves it! It is a pillow with a felt doll shape on the front and a pocket on the back to hold the clothes. I had so much fun making this and all the clothes are adorable. I worked on it while she was around and she thought the whole time that it was for me to play with, so she was very surprised on Christmas morning when she opened it! It will match her room perfectly, so I can’t believe she didn’t figure it out sooner!

Last, I had such a hard time figuring out what to do for my in-laws this year. I make them something every year and I was out of ideas. Finally I saw these cute notebooks on the Crafting Chicks blog. I decided to do something like that. I went to Hobby Lobby and found a nice note/sketchbook and some small alphabet stamps. I had the rest of the supplies I wanted to use. It was a fun little project and I think they liked it. :) I hope they will use it! (sorry for the bad pictures, you can’t see the stamped words with the flash on)

And, I would have liked to make so much more, but there just wasn’t enough time. I never even finished my little wreath I was making for the inside of the house or my card wreath… I have found something else now that I’d rather have to hold Christmas cards though. Here’s a link: Christmas Tree Card Holder . Think I can finish it before next Christmas?

Have a wonderful day!

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