Happy New Year

It’s been the new year for a couple of days now, but I really haven’t felt like it’s that much different. Just another day or year, really.

Today we are supposed to get back on track and hopefully we will. So far we’ve all been moving a little slow, especially me. The breaks really take a toll on me and I have so much trouble getting back into a routine. But we must get back to our schooling, so that most of it is done by April!

I wish you all the best this year and I am hoping for some good things for our family too. We are incredibly blessed already though, so it seems kind of silly to always be saying that I want more. God provides everything we need and I’m sure He will continue to this year. As long as our focus stays on Him we will have all that we need. I pray this for all of you as well, that you will be abundantly blessed with the things you NEED! Have a wonderful 2011!

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