Let’s face it. The third trimester is not, for the most part, a time when pregnant women are motivated to do anything. I’m sure I will be motivated to nest in a couple of months and I know I’ll be motivated to get this baby out, but for now I don’t want to do anything. I don’t want to clean or cook or go anywhere or even craft most of the time. I think part of the not wanting to craft is from being tired and the other part was from being unorganized. Then I read this post yesterday on The Pleated Poppy’s Blog and I went and cleaned up so I could show you my “studio”. Like her, I don’t have my own studio and in a way it’s good and bad – just like she said. I use our Sunroom for my sewing space though and for the most part it is my space. People just walk through it all the time!

Here are some pictures of it while it’s nice and neat:

This is the chalkboard I redid last summer. I bought it at a thrift store in town. I try to keep my list updated with what I want to make most, but it sometimes stays the same for a long period of time…

The top drawer on my sewing desk holds lots of binding for blankets and small quilting projects. It also holds a few zippers and other trims.

The second drawer holds my cutting mats, sewing machine needles and thread bobbins and scissors.

This bottom drawer holds all my little metal items and magnets. I have lots of buttons to cover and keychains and hair barretts to make someday!

Large pieces of fabric organized by color – what’s my favorite color?

Flannel, Fleece and other miscellaneous fabrics. The top shelf in this picture holds my largish scraps out of the box, my small scraps in the pink box and a couple of projects on the other side.

The top shelf holds my knits and felt and then the baskets on top of the cabinet hold some long forgotten knitting projects and all of my ribbon.

I moved all my yarn out of the sewing cabinet, to make more room, and I like it better. Now my yarn is in the living room cabinets where it will be much more accessible for actual knitting. I will probably eventually clean out the knitting basket for another sewing room related item, but am not sure if I want to rip all those things out or knit on them. To tell the truth I’m kind of tired of knitting.

I also want to show you my “teacher” desk while it is nice and clean. Hopefully it will actually stay this way. This is where I keep all my office supplies in our office/classroom. We just got a fancy new printer and by putting it on my desk I can maybe keep the piles off it. Don’t be fooled too much, right now they’ve just moved to the floor. I need to get them sorted and put away…once again, the motivation is not there!

Hopefully now that I’ve gotten my fabric and yarn sorted I will feel more compelled to make some things. The children need some new fun things and I definitely need to be making baby items, for our baby and for all the baby showers coming up. Time to get to work!

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  1. Melissa Mathis says:

    Dang am I jealous–of the space and of all the supplies! :)

  2. allison says:

    awesome job on all of the organizing of your craft things and school desk….beautiful spaces

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