My baby

We have about 2 months, give or take a week, until baby number 4 arrives. I am really starting to have some trouble believing that there is going to be another baby in the house. I’ve been excited the whole time about having one more and making the family an even 6 people. Recently it has just hit me that Kameron needs to grow up a little to make this easier and I just don’t want my baby to grow up at all! He has been my baby for what feels like longer than the other two kids. He still sleeps in the crib (that new baby will need), he has no desire to be potty training, and I rock him to sleep and snuggle with him and hold him all the time. We have a toddler bed available in the room that he and Kristopher will share, but I just can’t bear to move him up there yet. I still want him to be close to me all the time. I was okay wth the other two being an older sibling, but I really like that Kameron is the baby. I know I love and will love this new baby, but right now I’m just having trouble imagining him as the actual baby, you know? Perhaps this is why we are having such trouble coming up with his name and getting the thing we need to accomplished before his imminent arrival. I want a baby, I want 4 children, I am just not ready to give up all the baby moments with my last one. Not sure how people have children closer together in age!

Anyway, just some rambling. We still have 2 months to get ready and I’m sure Kameron will do a little growing up between now and then, whether I like it or not. I’ll just have to get used to him being my big boy…but just look at him:

That’s a sweet baby if I’ve ever seen one!

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  1. allison says:

    definitely a sweet, sweet baby :)…don’t forget that you will have all that bassinet time to help with the transition :). All of our transitions have been different. Talon is still a snuggler at age 3, and is seems like such a baby to us, too. You are way ahead of me on the valentines for Thursday. All I have done is buy valentine’s at 75% off last year after valentine’s day. Then I spent all of last year fending off little hands from the pretty boxes LOL

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