Last night I got very sick, I’m thinking it was from my sonic sandwich dinner choice, but who knows. So, this morning I was nauseous (still am) and tired and decided that we probably would not have school today. Then around 9 it started snowing here and hasn’t let up. Here’s the view out the door and windows now:

So, I can count it as a sick/snow day! Love it when things work out. :) Anyway, we still needed something to keep us occupied for the long day inside. We have a homeschool Valentine’s Day party on Thursday and I had ideas and supplies, we just needed to get them done. Here’s what we’ve worked on:

Maybe I’m a little bit of an over-achiever… Anyway, the little bags are from all three of my children to each child that will be at the party. There’s 33 in all since I counted my own (they’ll want a gift too) and I was tired of tying ribbon by the end, but I think they turned out cute! In each bag there is a card* signed by my kids (well, I signed Kameron’s name), a lollipop, a chocolate heart and a few stickers. Then they are closed with a “bag tag” that we made. I printed the names off on cardstock and then the kids drew/colored on each tag, I laminated them and then punched a hole and tied a ribbon through. I am a big fan of a gift or card that can be kept instead of little throw away things. Who wants to bring home a bunch of stuff and then have to get rid of it later? Anyway, the kids did almost all the artwork; I only had to do about 5 of them myself when they got tired. We had art today. :)

I can’t wait for the party on Thursday. I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, but I do love a good party! I’m going to make cupcakes too. Kameron has been trying to get me to make them all day. It’s so hard for a 2 year old to understand: Wait.

What’s next for today? Definitely, hot chocolate, movies and prayers for Kody’s safe trip home. Hopefully, some Valentine mailboxes, if I don’t lose steam! Hope you’re having a good day wherever you are!

*cards were downloaded here after finding a link on tater tots & jello. So cute!

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  1. kristin says:

    Cute! We actually worked on Valentine cards too (and I just blogged about it!), but they aren’t nearly as cute as yours. :) Hope you’re feeling better.

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