ABC’s of Me

We had another rough weekend here, and I’m tired of complaining. Let’s just say I’ll be VERY glad when February is over! So, for lack of better things to post this morning, I am shamelessly copying this idea from my friend Kristin. I enjoyed reading her answers, and hope you will enjoy reading mine. :)

Animal: horses
Advice: Don’t get stressed out and upset over small things, big things aren’t really worth it either!
Album: I really like Casting Crown’s Christmas album, “Peace on Earth”. I can listen to it year round and it makes me smile.

Best feeling in the world: Love
Best weather: Temperatures around 70 with sunshine – I need the sunshine!
Band: I was the “band cheerleader” in highschool- a lot of my friends were in band and both sisters were, but I was a cheerleader, so (I think) I dubbed myself that. I enjoy watching drum corps and marching bands still.

Candy: Give me some Godiva and I’m a happy girl!
Color: Blue!
Continent to visit: I can’t say I really want to go anywhere – I’m not a traveler.
Cheese: I like a good expensive cheese – favorites from the store are smoky sharp cheddar and Vemont sharp white.

Drawing or painting: Neither. I prefer other crafts. My kids like to paint though…a lot.
Dog breed: I’ve always liked the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, even with their heart problems. But I’m going to have to say that we most likely won’t ever have a dog. Just not a dog person.

Eyes: My eyes are brown and all of my children’s eyes are brown. I love beautiful eyes on any person – they draw me in.
Everyone’s got: something going on in their life – remember that you aren’t the only one when you interact with people.
Ever failed a class: Yes, Chemistry at UK…I never went to class and guessed on the tests. That makes you fail.

First thoughts waking up: Praise God, it’s Monday!
Feeling: Sad right now, but hoping for a better week.
Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings trilogy. I could watch them over and over and I can quote most of each one. What a great story.

Greatest Fear: dying a scary, painful death
Goals: Love God more everyday and serve him in a manner that would be pleasing to Him.
Good luck charm: You can’t have good luck, you can be divinely blessed. :)

Holiday: Christmas, including all of the activities around Christmas.
How do you want to die: Naturally, peacefully, in my sleep.
Hot or cold: Depends on what it is. I prefer to be warm myself.

Ice cream: fresh peach ice cream from one of the Peach orchards in Georgia.
Instrument: I can’t play, but I am hoping Kristopher will get back into piano soon – love hearing it.
Irrational fear: water, drowning…we try to stay away from water as much as I can keep us away.

Jewelry: I like necklaces. Don’t have much jewelry because it’s expensive and I don’t care enough about it to spend money on it!
Job: Mommy, Housewife, Homeschool Teacher, Crafter.
Jokes: I’m just not a joker. I don’t get most of them and I don’t tell them.

Kids: I love children, especially my three and one on the way. I sometimes have trouble interacting with other people’s children though – I wish I was better at that!
Keep a journal: I don’t journal anymore, but did a lot when I was younger. Don’t have time now! I guess you can count my blog as a bit of a journal, even though I don’t write as often as I would like.

Love: God is Love.
Laughed so hard you cried: yes
Learned: I have forgotten more than I’ve learned. At least I feel like I have. I am continually learning, though, and I believe you should always try to learn more. If you don’t know everything you should keep learning!
Lost: way too many souls.

McDonald’s or Burger King: neither! Chick-fil-A or Wendy’s or Culver’s. I fact I will always choose anywhere but McDonald’s or Burger King.
Marriage: Is a wonderful thing that to many people give up on way too easily. It’s not an institution, it’s an agreement with God.
Musical: I love musicals! When Kody and I were dating we went to see Fosse in Nashville. It was great!

Number of siblings: 2
Number: 17
Nuts: Cashews and almonds are my favorites, but I’ll eat any of them.
Name that comes to mind first: Kyler. We’re still trying to come up with a baby name and this is my favorite so far.

One wish: That I could keep my children safe always.
One time I…: thought life was way too hard and that I couldn’t do it anymore. Now I know that I can’t do it without God to help me everyday.
One word: supercalifragiliciousexpealidocious ;)

Perfect pizza: I’m a fan of BBQ chicken pizza, from California Pizza Kitchen.
Pepsi or Coke: Caffiene free Coke
Pet: We have 2 hand-me-down fish. The kids really want a kitten, which I would be fine with, except Kameron is scared of all animals.

Questions: “Why?” is one I’ve heard many times a day lately…getting kind of tired of it!
Quit: Quitters never win, unless you quit smoking, which I highly reccommend. I wish we didn’t have so much wanting to quit around here.
Quiet: I’ll take it!

Reason to cry: I cry when my feelings get hurt, and lately they get hurt pretty easily.
Rude: I don’t like it when other people are rude. Sometimes I speak without thinking first and I’m sure that I’ve been rude too. I try really hard, now, not to be.

Song: Right now the songs from Mamma Mia are in my head, even though I haven’t watched it in months.
Sleep: I like a lot of sleep, like 10-11 hours if I can manage it.
Salad dressing: I try to eat a variety of dressings. I really like salads with their own dressings, like the Strawberry Walnut salad from my friend Penny or the Wilted Leaf Salad (with hot bacon dressing) from my Nana.
Slept outside: I enjoy camping…without small children. :)

Time for bed: I prefer 9 or 9:30
Thunderstorms: I’m not really a fan, but rain is good now that I’m a gardener (or trying to be, don’t laugh).

Unpredictable: I like a good plan. I think I am pretty predictable, but life is not.
Uncool: Most of the time I feel pretty uncool, but I always have. I really want to be one of the cool kids though!

Vacation spot: Well, I’m not a traveler or vacationer. I prefer to be at home. If I have to go somewhere though, I will pick a place that has lots of fun places to go, like aquariums and museums. I will pick a place that isn’t near water and I will pick a place that has pretty scenery. I like hiking and nature. Is that picky enough for you?
Voice: I think my voice sounds like a child’s when I hear it recorded. Otherwise I like it and I think I sing pretty well, but I may be wrong – which is why I don’t sing in front of people much.

Weakness: Perfectionism.
Worst feeling: Letting someone down.
Water or land: On land – see the irrational fear above.

X-rays: I would rather not have to get any – radiation is bad.
Ex’s: Almost everybody has them. I wish I could erase one from my memory.

Year it is now: 2011
Yellow: I want a house with yellow siding. I like yellow in other people’s houses. I like a bright yellow shirt in the summer.

Zoo animals: I love to go to the zoo! I really loved it when the Lousiville Zoo had the visting Koalas when I was little. They are my favorite wild animal.

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