Feels like Spring

Today was an absolutely beautiful day outside. The sun was shining and it was the perfect temperature (about 68) and we enjoyed it immensely!

I started out by putting all my little plants out on the picnic table to get some real sun. Then I worked on moving some radish plants to a larger container. I didn’t realize that radish seeds just needed to be sowed in the ground, so I started the seeds indoors last week. That was not smart. Now I have all these tiny little radish plants that really should be outside now and nowhere ready to plant them since it’s so muddy. Oh well, you live, you learn! I also replanted my green pepper seeds since I was finally able to get some more yesterday and I planted some banana peppers. Hopefully this time they will sprout and we won’t have to buy store peppers. I was very glad to have plenty frozen this year when they went up to $1.50 each! I needed to move my tomato plants to larger containers, but I ran out of potting soil, so that will have to wait.

After I played with my seedlings I tried to work on my flower bed a little. I had one side that wasn’t finished last year and I wanted to get it done before the baby’s arrival. I’m not thinking that my poor butterfly bush is going to come back, but I am still hoping. My father in law planted some spiderwart in the middle last fall. Today I put those poor tulips out there just because I didn’t know what else to do with them. I hope they live, but I’ve been taking care of them inside since I got them and they just keep looking like they’re dying. Maybe being outside will bring them back? I had to put the weed killing sheet down and then mulch that side. I had enough to remulch an area that a cat dug up last year too. I’m hoping that won’t happen again this year. I still need to remulch the other sides, but this was good for now. Almost all my flowers are looking good and are coming back. Even the rose bushes are starting to get some little buds and my hydrangea bush that I thought really looked dead has a little green. :)

While I worked on those tasks, Kody and Kristopher cleaned up a tree that fell a few weeks ago during the storms. Then Kody trimmed some branches from around and on top of his shed. That proved to be a big job. He ended up on the roof with an ax and broom to get everything off. Unfortunately I didn’t get pictures of that because I was ready to run for the phone to get an ambulance. Glad I didn’t have to do that! It looks much better and he and Kristopher worked really hard all day.

I was exhausted after my little jobs and didn’t have anything left to try to get gardening space ready. I just sat and watched everyone else the rest of the day. Feeling like a bum since I didn’t work as hard as they did. I was hoping to be able to get more of what I wanted to do done…

To end, here’s a cute picture of Kameron. He has decided that he wants to wear a hat like Daddy now. But he likes to wear it backwards because it’s a little too big. So funny! Hope your day was as beautiful as ours!

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