Getting Ready

I’ve been feeling really different for the past few days. I can’t get comfortable to sleep, so I’ve had several restless nights. I had a little swelling one day. I have the urge to really get things done (not cleaning though, unfortunately.) I feel like I’ve started waddling and think I look terrible. So, the getting ready is getting going!

I finally have the baby’s section of our room done, as much as it’s going to be before he arrives anyway. I finished this argyle blanket for him a few months ago, but didn’t post about it. Front is just argyle cotton from Hobby Lobby. The back is brown minky dot.

I wanted this baby’s things to sort of match our room since that’s where his stuff is. I bought my owl sheet and blanket – can I just say that I love the dwell studio owl print? It was hard to get these pieces, but I am so glad I did! I have ordered a crib skirt with big matching dots, but it was maybe out of stock, then back, then out and now should be shipping soon.

The art on the wall isn’t finished. I know his name will start with K, but since we don’t have a middle name yet that canvas isn’t done. It will match the other one, just have a different letter. (Everyone encourage Kody to decide!!) Anyway, the owl fabric is Hooty Hoot by Riley Blake, the argyle matches the blanket. I got the idea for these canvases from Handmade Beginnings and went my own way from there. I love hers in the book, but that was a lot more work than I had time for!

Last, I finished these newborn booties this morning. They are out of a knitpicks sock yarn that looks tweedy…I think it’s the Essential sock, but I’m not going to go look! They are really cute and have been added to that green diaper bag on the dresser. Baby’s bag is packed. Mine is almost packed. Still waiting on my nursing gown to arrive…yes, I waited this long to get one. I just hope it comes in time!

Oh, and that dresser is now filled with baby clothes and diapers. It was Kameron’s dresser until this morning. I gave him mine and moved it upstairs and filled it with his clothes. He helped and I think he had fun moving his stuff up there with his bed. He’s been doing such a good job sleeping upstairs with the other kids, I am so relieved that it hasn’t been a difficult transition. While I was rearranging dressers and clothes I went ahead and got out the other kids spring clothes and put away stuff that’s too small. Everyone was happy to have their short sleeves out.

I’ve looked at 3 vans this week. Sadly, none of them were right. I am still hoping that we can find one soon that fits in our budget, but only God knows what he has planned for us. Can you tell I’m trying to get everything squared away at home? I also baked some bread to freeze tonight and will be cleaning the kitchen completely. They’re saying the moon is supposed to be bigger and brighter this weekend…does that mean it could be time? I really would like to wait a few more days. Kristopher has testing starting on Monday and I want to be able to be there to help him feel better about it. He’s kind of nervous (truth be told, so am I – I guess we’ll see how I measure up as a teacher!), but I’m sure he’ll do fine. I keep telling myself that I won’t go early, because Kameron waited until the scheduled day, but I just feel different and ready physically this time. I hope I’m right. :)

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2 Responses to Getting Ready

  1. allison says:

    The pics are beautiful, Tabitha. I love your minky blanket. I was thinking of doing one but haven’t bought the material yet. I am so glad the colors on my little owl matches your colors/blanket :). I know the testing is going to go well, though it is hard not to be nervous about it. I am kind of nervous to see how Eliana reacts to testing, because this is her first year. I am sure all of the kids will do well though! You are a great teacher :)

  2. Courtney says:

    Looks great, Tabitha! I love the colors.

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